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How To Write A Standard Personal Statement

You must have been hearing about personal statement at different levels and you might be wondering how it is being prepared.

Personal statement is not a mystery, if you follow the simple guidelines that I will reveal to you in this article, you will write your personal statement by yourself without anyone’s assistance.

From there, you can even start writing for others who do not know the tips required in writing a standard personal statement.

First of all, before you can start writing a standard personal statement, it very essential that you understand very well what personal statement is all about.

What Is A Personal Statement?

This is kind of question that is expected from one who has not attempted writing a personal statement before. I am going to explain to your best understanding the meaning of personal statement here.

A personal statement is a concise summary of someone’s personality. It is usually written or prepared by an applicant for a particular position or of an opportunity.

In personal statement, the applicant is expected to show the organisation what he is capable of offering to the organisation if he/she is accepted and the reasons why such applicant feels that he/she is the best for the job than every other applicant.

Also, a personal statement contains the applicant’s past experiences and achievements and how those experiences would be best applied to meet the target of the recruiting organisation.

Why Personal Statement?

Personal statement is written by every applicant of a position when it is required, to display your outstanding qualities which you feel are so much special about yourself.

Wherever selection is too competitive, it is through what different applicants have presented in their respective personal statements that the selecting institution will consider in getting the best applicant whom they assume that he/she is the best fit for the job.

In other words, a personal statement is a tool used by applicants to wither all forms of pediments against their selection for a particular task. With a quality personal statement, you can thrive through any selection process no matter how competitive such a position might be.

Once you have shown the organisation your competence through your personal information penned down, ensuring that you include your special area of interest that you would be ready to work on, a special preference must be given to you during the process of selection.

Writing a good Personal statement is equivalent to attracting a vote of confidence from the employing institution through your distinct characteristics.

Is Personal Statement Different From Curriculum Vitae?

This is the mistake some people make whenever they are told to submit a personal statement. Some applicants are used to getting confused about the issues of CV and personal statement, most times submitting CV in place personal statement.

That is the reason why some applicants keep losing their very opportunities to get their desired positions.

In case you have been confused about whether Curriculum Vitae CVs is entirely different from a personal statement, pay attention to the answer that I am going to give you about the above question here.

The answer to the above question is yes, personal statement is very different from curriculum vitae. In curriculum vitae, you are expected to include your entire portfolio whereas, in personal statement, you are just writing about your personality as regards the particular job or study that you are applying for.

Again, curriculum vitae contains all your qualifications including your academic qualifications, whereas, in personal statement, only your competence and your outstanding qualities related to the job are required.

Also, in terms of presentation, the format of writing curriculum vitae is different from that of personal statement.

How to Present a Standard Personal Statement.

Have you been having issues in organising your personal statement? Have you missed any opportunity due to your poor presentation of your personal statement? Maybe you are looking for a guide on how to write a standard personal statement.

Here’s an opportunity to get the information that will enable you to rewrite your wrongs and get everything about writing personal statement right.

What are you supposed to do from here?

Kindly follow these procedures step by step in writing your subsequent personal statement and you would be amazed at how you will be selected for any application that you use it for.

  1. Start your first paragraph by stating your drives for pursuing such a position.
  2. Write everything that you are passionate about as regards the position that you applying for.
  3. State your previous discipline
  4. Answer the question “why did you delve into the stated previous field”
  5. State the experiences you had in your previous disciplines and show how it is essential in the new position that you are applying for.
  6. Present your prospective findings or achievements in the new position that you desire.
  7. For places like institutions, you are expected to state your reasons for selecting the particular institution out of many to study in.
  8. State how the institution is going to help you in developing your skills the more.
  9. Show how/the areas where you are going to put your new skills into practice after acquisition.
  10. Make a summary of what you have written.

While preparing a standard personal statement, in an attempt to include all the required information as stated above, you have to ensure that your write-up is very concise and reasonable.

Do not bulk your personal statement with unnecessary stories. If the institution that you applying for stated the number of words (E.g: not more than 500 words) needed, ensure that you abide by the instructions given to you.

Also, make sure that what you have written is interesting to any reader. To be more competent in writing a standard personal statement, try and get an already prepared template and read it through before you start yours. I believe that this article would be helpful to you as write your personal statement by yourself.

For more academic guides of this kind, do always contact me using the comment box below this article, I would be ready to assist you any time.

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