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How To Get Jobs In Companies In Nigeria.

On daily basis, the number of job seekers keeps increasing at a more than geometrical progression. More people are pushed into labour regularly.

This is due to the unimaginable rapid increase in several graduates today from Nigerian universities, Polytechnics, colleges and other tertiary institutions.

This tremendous increase has led to a relative increase in the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

What could have been the major cause of this?

There is an imbalance between several available highly skilled labour and the enterprises that they are supposed to be placed in. That is the reason why many graduates with good certificates carry files from one office to another in search of “white-collar” jobs.

Looking at all these, one could assume that there is no job anywhere in Nigeria. Could this assumption be true? It sounds credible with all indications, but I want to reveal to you that there are jobs in many companies in Nigeria.

Howbeit, one thing that is supposed to be glued to your mentality is this; it is pertinent to do the right thing at the right moment and right place.

Maybe you might be wondering, what are the right things that are supposed to be done that you have not been doing? Searching for new jobs? Submitting your CVs at different offices? Going for any scheduled interview? And all that you have been doing.

That is the reason why I have published this piece of article. As you read this article to the end, you will get to know different jobs that are available in Nigeria and the approaches that are required of you to follow to ensure you secure those jobs.

Are you one of those persons who have been thinking that there are no jobs anywhere in Nigeria? You need to read this article to get your eyes opened to so many opportunities that you have not been able to see.

It will also help you to understand that some of the opportunities that you have assumed that there are meant for special professionals could be yours if you do the right thing.

Maybe you are a low-income earner and you have been desirous of changing to a better one to improve your standard of living. Also, you might not like the kind of job that you are doing despite what you are paid for the job and you would like to go for your dream job.

I will advise you, for your good, do well to read this article to the end to know what you are expected to do to arrive at your expectations.

How to Secure Jobs in Any Companies

If you have been jobless for years or you are searching for a higher paying job than what you are doing currently, do the following;

1. Be focused:

Being focused implies that you are strategically looking forward to achieving set goals within a specified period. Most jobless graduates today have suffered a lot from this particular psychological deficiency.

They do not target a particular goal in life; all they are after is just that they need a job regardless of the kind of job. Some will end up getting the job and become fed up with the job and/or even being sacked within a short period after the employment.

This is not the attitude of one who is focused in life. Most companies can figure out that such applicants are not fit for any job during the process of interview.

That is the reason people keep complaining that they have been doing very well during interviews but have not gotten any job or even any reply from the companies.

In essence, you have to streamline your goals when seeking a particular job. This starts by understanding yourself very well, knowing your strength and your weaknesses.

When you are sure of what you can offer in any company, you will know the kinds of jobs that you will be looking for and also, those that can best suit your interests.

2. Do not depend on what you have studied in school:

The problem with so many job applicants today is that their minds have been beclouded with the fact that it’s their degree or just their certificates that can fetch them the kind of job with the kind of pay that they desire.

While it is very true that you can get such jobs with a certificate, the state of things today in the country does not guarantee you that the probability is one.

Most times, what every company that is looking for employees looks forward to is the experience you have outside the school setting.

You might have graduated from one of the best universities in the country or probably with a first class degree or second class upper division degree, but the best advice that you will get here is that you should find some other values and add to your academic qualifications.

It secures more opportunities faster than just your certificates.

3. Learn Soft Skills:

What is a soft skill? Soft skills are those skills that are almost applicable in all spheres of life. Be it psychological, emotional, social and otherwise. They are used to solve human daily problems.

One interesting thing about soft skills is that they are not just required for one particular profession. They are highly demanded on daily basis in many fields.

Examples of soft skills are; software development, Data Analysis, coding, robotics, content marketing, digital marketing, gaming, FOREX trading, website development, programming and many others.

If you can learn and become an expert in any of these skills, you will be highly needed in many companies. Even without your application, they will always consult you for the kind of service you can render.

For every soft skill that you learn, always consider how it can be very essential to the particular organisation where you would like to be employed.

4. Update Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) Regularly

It is very important to always keep your Curriculum Vitae (CV) updated at every point in time.

Assuming that you are improving in knowledge and skills on daily basis, it means that the curriculum vitae of yesterday cannot describe your person of today.

Leaving your CV unedited is like looking down on yourself/value even when you can do very much better than what you have in the old Curriculum Vitae.

In terms of work experiences, you are expected to include them as you keep changing from one place to another including the years you acquired such experiences.

This will enable the new company that you are applying for to consider you especially based on your prior hands-on experiences.

5. Live A Corporate Life On Social Media

How do you maintain a corporate life on social media? Social media is a very broad community with different personalities from all walks of life.

Whatever happens at one end can get to other million ends within a few minutes. That is why all operations need to be well managed as today’s error can still speak a great volume tomorrow.

Unfortunately, people do not mind what they upload/post online. Even the way they relate with others on social media is not something to be talked about.

They live very carelessly and do not care about the consequences on their different endeavours. The ways you are known online, speak volumes about the kind of person you are.

During some job applications, some companies do require that you fill your social media handles. This is sometimes done to keep in check on your social life which will determine whether you would be able to work with them or not.

I will give some tips on how you can manage your life on social media handles in the right way.

How to maintain value with your life on social media

  • Be selective about what post online
  • Be respectful while reacting to other person’s social media posts.
  • Maintain good communication skills.
  • Be known for a particular thing or thing by your online followers.
  • For every social media platform, ensure that you keep to their terms and conditions.
  • Always add your Bios to your online profiles.
  • Do not be rude to people
  • Do not be a snub
  • Keep your personal information confidential.
  • Learn to adapt to different moods online (be formal when need be and informal when necessary)
  • Maintain self-respect online.
  • Always be mature online.

With all these, assessing you via social media won’t cost you your opportunity for being employed.

6. Always be honest

This is applicable in two different directions; you have to be honest with yourself first and then to people around you. To be honest with yourself, you have to stay away from whatever you detest seeing others do.

Live the kind of life that you would love to see amongst your potential employees if you are to be the CEO of any company. You cannot be a cheat and be expecting gainful employment in a company that needs growth.

If you are that kind of person, you can be detected by some psychologists who are employed to anchor most of the interviews and it will cost you the opportunity that you have been looking for.

Desist from such attitudes that do not contribute to the growth and development of enterprises.

7. Be Sociable

Being sociable can add more advantages to you in many companies than even writing a lot in your updated curriculum vitae.

Rude attitudes deny most applicants their opportunities to be employed and their ability to be retained in an organisation for long periods.

This is based on customer care services, every company holds their respective customers in high esteem. Always be friendly to people when need is and be ready to accommodate others.

You may not know when you are being tested for this but most times; companies do that without your consciousness.

8. Mind Your Dressings

The simple and popular saying, “you are addressed the way you dress”, holds for every area of life. Every dressing is not for every purpose, the earlier you become conscious of this, the closer you get to so many opportunities.

Some people do not consider the kind of environment that they are about to enter, the kind of journey that they are about to embark and the kind/class of personalities that they are about to meet before considering the kind of dress to use for that period.

Your dress code, most times, gives a clue and description of the kind of person that you are. As you have focused on getting the kind of job that you want, why not adopt the dress code that speaks well about such a job description?

If you do this, be assured that you would be so much admired by your potential employers, and it helps you secure their attention.

Note that it is only when you are given attention that you would have the platform to express yourself on what you can offer in the organisation.

9. Read Wide

A good reader explores new and refreshed ideas on daily basis. Every new knowledge contributes to growth and development which in turn helps one to think smartly and strategically about every presented opportunity.

People with this kind of attitude are the ones many companies look out for because they are confident in what they can offer as regards the growth and development in their organisations.

What keeps some people from researching new ideas today is laziness and no employer condones that. You should read about the ideas of different specialists in different fields today if you want to be more valued at every workplace you may think of.

10. Learn How to Attend to Interviews

How to attend to interviews encompasses the way dress to interview, how perfect you can answer questions, your ability to keep to time, your qualitative and quantitative reasoning, your sociology etc.

These are what contribute to your scoring after every interview. Amongst other factors, you should always try to score A for every interview that you participate in to build your reputation on your readiness to work for your employers.

I am hopeful that this article would help you to secure opportunities that you have been looking for in different organisations.

For more job advertisements and opportunities in different companies in Nigeria, always visit this site.

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