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DAAD-SEARCA Scholarship Programme 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

Applications for the 2024–2025 intake of the DAAD-SEARCA Scholarship Program are now being accepted. Submission deadline for applications is on 12 January 2024 (via SEARCA portal) and 31 January 2024 (via DAAD portal).

The DAAD and SEARCA began their collaboration in the academic year 1975–1976 by providing funding for the Center’s graduate scholarship programme, which grants master’s and doctoral degrees in agriculture. Graduate students from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines were the first 15 recipients of DAAD support. Of the scholarship recipients, five pursued a PhD, and ten worked towards a master’s degree.

As of the Academic Year 2023/2024, 419 citizens of Southeast Asia—from Cambodia (19), Indonesia (91), Lao PDR (10), Malaysia (15), Myanmar (30), Philippines (100), Thailand (82), Timor Leste (26), and Vietnam (46)—had received awards from DAAD and SEARCA. Of the 419 scholarships awarded, 206 went after an MS, 208 after a PhD, and 5 enrolled for non-degree study.

DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme

With the goal of promoting robust, globally-focused higher education systems that can support sustainable development, the DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme was introduced in 2018. Scholarships are given to people who want to study for a Master’s or PhD in development-related fields and who intend to work as teachers or researchers in higher education in their home nation or region.

The DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme helps to the following long-term effects by preparing future academic professionals and leaders:

  • Qualified professionals’ involvement in solving development-related problems
  • Graduates strengthening education and research in Southeast Asia
  • Structural strengthening and regional networking of partner institutions and universities

To achieve these long-term impacts, the following outcomes have been formulated as programme objectives:

Programme objective 1:Graduates are qualified to take on responsible positions in or for their region of origin
Programme objective 2:The participation of women and underprivileged groups is reinforced
Programme objective 3:Organizational, financial, and personal capacities of partner institutions are strengthened


  • Open to nationals of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Must be (a) staff member of a public university, (b) or a candidate considered for teaching or research staff recruitment, (c) or from the public sector
  • Must not be more than 35 (Master’s Degree) or 40 (PhD) years of age at the time of application.
  • Have completed their last university degree not more than 6 years ago at the time of application.
  • Proposed thesis research should focus on SEARCA’s overarching theme of Accelerating Transformation Through Agricultural Innovation (ATTAIN). Moreover, priority research topics must fall within the ATTAIN priority areas:
    • Agri-Business Models for Increased Productivity and Income
    • Sustainable Farming Systems and Natural Resource Management
    • Food and Nutrition Security
    • Transformational Leadership for Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD)
    • Gender and Youth Engagement in ARD
    • Enhanced ARD towards Climate Resilience
    • EcoHealth/One Health Applications to ARD

Scholarship Benefits

Covers the cost of tuition and other educational fees, as well as study and research expenses, printing costs, a stipend for incidental costs such as food and lodging, travel expenses (within the region only), and insurance.

DAAD In-Country/In-Region scholarship holders are also encouraged to apply for a research grant in Germany for 2 to 6 months, at the time of application. The short-term research scholarship includes:

  • A monthly scholarship payment for living costs
  • Health/accident/personal liability insurance
  • A flat-rate travel allowance

Apply for Queen Elizabeth Common Wealth International Scholarship

Study Posts

With effect from AY 2024–2025, new master’s and doctoral scholarship recipients under the DAAD In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme may study at any of the following universities in the major fields listed below:

UniversityCountryMajor Field/Programme
Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB University)IndonesiaNatural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Kasetsart University (KU)ThailandSustainable Land Use and Natural Resource Management
Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)IndonesiaFood Science / Food Science and Technology (MS only)Planning and Management of Coastal Area and Watershed / Geography
University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)PhilippinesEnvironmental ScienceFood Science
Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)MalaysiaEnvironmental BiotechnologyEnvironmental EngineeringEnvironmental System and ModelingFood Science / Food Science and Technology

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Application Requirements

The required documents to be submitted/uploaded should be in English:

  1. DAAD and SEARCA Application forms to be filled up online;
  2. Curriculum vitae, including a list of publications (if any);
  3. Duly stamped (if applicable) and signed recommendation letter by university teachers (one for MS, two for PhD);
  4. Notice of university admission or proof of application to the university;
  5. Certified true copies of diploma/certificate and transcript of academic records of each degree completed (BS diploma and TOR for MS applicants; BS and MS diploma and TORs for PhD applicants);
  6. Letter of motivation (1-2 pages for MS or 1-3 pages for PhD) with personal, social motivation as well as your reference to the studies and a Master project (for MS applicant) or PhD project (for PhD applicant);
  7. Copy of bio-page of the passport or a copy of National Identification Card;
  8. For research-based MS/PhD program: a timetable (if applicable, mentioning the planned research stay in Germany); For course-based MS/PhD program: semestral/term schedule and timetable;
  9. Brief description of the research the applicant plans to conduct for thesis/dissertation. The research topic must be in line with SEARCA’s overarching theme of Accelerating Transformation Through Agricultural Innovation (ATTAIN) with the following priority areas:
    • Agri-Business Models for Increased Productivity and Income
    • Sustainable Farming Systems and Natural Resource Management
    • Food and Nutrition Security
    • Transformational Leadership for Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD)
    • Gender and Youth Engagement in ARD
    • Enhanced ARD towards Climate Resilience
    • EcoHealth/One Health Applications to ARD
  10. Certification from a medical doctor that the applicant is in good physical and mental health condition and is fit to undertake graduate studies;
  11. Official endorsement from the employer;
  12. Result of Test of English as a Foreign Language: TOEFL iBT result (80) or IELTS result (6.0). The TOEFL results must be issued by Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Check the schedule and venue of TOEFL tests in your country at http://www.ets.org/toefl. If this is not available at the moment, a certification from the previous study post that the applicant’s English proficiency is in the level of IELTS 6.0 may suffice.
  13. For PhD candidates, submit the following additional documents:
    • Declaration of acceptance from the academic supervisor or a commitment letter from the intended study post that a supervisor will be assigned
    • Detailed and precise PhD proposal (8-10 pages), including detailed work and timetable indicated with months and dates as well as information on when the last exam will take place (if applicable, mention the planned research in Germany). Concept note will not be accepted
    • Abstract of the proposal on one page (please include name and title of proposal)

Only when all necessary documents are timely submitted to the online portal will your application be considered valid. Applications that are not complete will not be reviewed. When submitting an application, if you did not have supporting documentation, such as an acceptance letter, please upload a statement explaining why.

The following can be consulted for additional details regarding the In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Programme:

  1. Call for Scholarship Applications 2024 – Natural Resources Management
  2. Call for Scholarship Applications 2024 – Food Science

Related Opportunities:

Applications must be submitted to the following portals:

SEARCAhttps://ischo.searcaapps.org/v212 January 2024
DAAD(link to follow)31 January 2024

Applications submitted through other channels or to other authorities will not be considered.


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