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EKSU Courses And Requirements 2023/2024 Academic Session

EKSU Courses And Requirements 2023/2024 Academic Session: In this article, I am going to be showing you the complete list of courses that are offered in Ekiti State University (EKSU) Ado-Ekiti.

Ekiti State University is a state-owned institution that is managed and funded by the Government of Ekiti State. It is located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria.

The management of the institution has updated the list of undergraduate courses that are available for admission into the university for the 2023/2024 academic session. Those courses are available in the following faculties:

  1. Faculty of Agricultural Science
  2. Faculty of Arts
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Education
  5. Faculty of Law
  6. Faculty of Management Science
  7. Faculty of Science
  8. Faculty of Social Science
  9. College of Medicine

If you want to apply for EKSU Admission but you are still confused about which course to study, kindly read this article to the end for more detailed information on EKSU Courses and Requirements for 2023/2024 Academic Session.

List Of Courses Offered In Ekiti State University (EKSU) And Durations

The following are courses that are offered in Ekiti State University (EKSU):

1AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE1.  Agricultural Economics and Extension Services5 YEAR
  2.  Animal Production & Health Sciences5 YEAR
  3.  Crop, Horticulture and Landscape Design5 YEAR
  4.  Soil Resources and Environmental Management5 YEAR
  5.  Forestry Resources and Wildlife Management5 YEAR
  6.  Fisheries and Aquaculture Management5 YEAR
2ARTSa)     Religious Studies4 YEARS
  b)     Islamic Religious Studies/Arabic4 YEARS
  c)     Christian Religious Studies4 YEARS
  d)     English & Literary Studies4 YEARS
  e)     HIS & International Studies4 YEARS
  f)      Linguistics & Nigeria Languages4 YEARS
  g)    Theatre and Media Arts4 YEARS
  h)     French4 YEARS
  i)       Yoruba4 YEARS
  j)       Philosophy4 YEARS
3EDUCATION·  Arts & Language Education 
  a)      English Education4 YEARS
  b)      French Education4 YEARS
  c)      Yoruba Education4 YEARS
  d)      Education Christian Religious Studies4 YEARS
  e)      Education Arabic Studies4 YEARS
  f)       Education History4 YEARS
  ·  Science Education 
  a)     Biology Education4 YEARS
  b)     Mathematics Education4 YEARS
  c)     Chemistry Education4 YEARS
  d)     Basic/Intergrated Sci. Education4 YEARS
  e)     Computer Science Education4 YEARS
  f)      Physics Education4 YEARS
  ·  Social Sciences Education 
  a)     Social Studies4 YEARS
  b)     Economics Education4 YEARS
  c)     Political Science Education4 YEARS
  d)     Geography Education4 YEARS
  ·   Vocational And Technical Education 
  a)  Agricultural Education4 YEARS
  b)  Library and Information Science4 YEARS
  c)  Mechanical Technology4 YEARS
  d)  Building and Woodwork Technology4 YEARS
  e)   Electrical/Electronic Technology4 YEARS
  f)   Business Education                                                                                              4 YEARS
       (i)  Accounting  4 YEARS
       (ii)  Marketing4 YEARS
       (iii) Office Management4 YEARS
  g)    Educational Technology4 YEARS
  ·        Guidance and Counselling4 YEARS
             i.   Nurs & Primary/Early Childhood Education4 YEARS
            ii.  Test, Measurement and Evaluation4 YEARS
  ·       Human Kinetics/Physical & Health Edu.4 YEARS
  ·       Health Education4 YEARS
  ·       Adult Education4 YEARS
  ·       Educational Management4 YEARS
4ENGINEERING1.     Civil Engineering5 YEARS
  2.     Computer Engineering5 YEARS
  3.     Electrical/Electronic Engineering5 YEARS
  4.     Mechanical Engineering5 YEARS
5LAW·        Law5 YEARS
  2.     Banking and Finance4 YEARS
  3.     Business Administration 4 YEARS
  4.    Actuarial Science4 YEARS
  5.    Entrepreneurship4 YEARS
  6.    Insurance4 YEARS
  7.   Cooperative Studies4 YEARS
  8.    Marketing4 YEARS
  9.    Industrial Reltions and Personnel Management4 YEARS
7 MEDICINEMedicine and Surgery6 YEARS
  Nursing5 YEARS
  Anatomy4 YEARS
  Physiology4 YEARS
8SCIENCE·        Biochemistry4 YEARS
  ·        Chemistry4 YEARS
  ·        Industrial Chemistry4 YEARS
  ·        Geology4 YEARS
  ·        Geo-Physics4 YEARS
  ·        Mathematics4 YEARS
  ·        Computer Science4 YEARS
  ·        Statistics4 YEARS
  ·        Microbiology4 YEARS
  ·        Physics4 YEARS
  ·        Plant Sciences  and BioTechnology4 YEARS
  ·        Science Laboratory Technology5 YEARS
  ·        Zoology4 YEARS
9SOCIAL SCIENCES·        Economics4 YEARS
  ·        Geography and Planning Science4 YEARS
  ·        Tourism Studies4 YEARS
  ·        Psychology4 YEARS
  ·        Political Science4 YEARS
  ·        Sociology4 YEARS
  ·        Environmental Management4 YEARS

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UDUSOK Admission Requirements

Getting admission into any of undergraduate courses in the Ekiti State University (EKSU) as listed in the previous section of this article requires that the applicant must possess some minimum entry requirements in line with the provision of the university. Some of the major admission requirements into EKSU are as follow:


  • Candidates must have reached the age of 16.
  • Candidates must have at least 6 (six) “Cs (Credits)” grades in their O’level result (s). This must include English Language, Mathematics and three other subjects related to their course of study. For instance, a Candidate that wants to study law must have a “C” in English Language, Mathematics, Government/History, Economics and Literature in English.
  • Candidates must score at least 160 in JAMB UTME examination
  • Candidates must take EKSU Post UTME screening examination and must perform very well in the examination (Depending on the course of study)
  • Not more than ONE sitting results is accepted for admission into the Ekiti State University (EKSU)
  • Candidates must choose the correct subject combination for their courses.
  • Finally, candidates must meet the stipulated cutoff marks for their courses to gain admission into the university.

Direct Entry

  • Candidates must possess at least five (5) Credits in their O’level result. This must include English Language and Mathematics. However, two sitting result is not allowed.
  • Candidates must have also reached the age of 16.
  • Candidates are expected to get JAMB Directly entry form from JAMB to apply.
  • Candidates should have any of the following certificates: OND, ND, NCE, IJMB, Cambridge A level, BSc, HND, ICAN

You can make use of the comment section below if you have any questions about EKSU Courses and Requirements 2023/2024 Academic Session.

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