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Faculties And Departments In Nigerian Universities

See some of the faculties and departments that can be found in Nigerian Universities today.

It is no surprise to say that so many students in Nigerian today do not know most of the faculties and departments that exist in the Nigerian universities; both the private and the public universities.

Often, some students are used to getting confused about which one is the faculty and the ones that are departments in the many universities. On the other times, it is quite common that students will know the different faculties and departments.

But the problem is how to know the faculties to which most of the identified departments belongs. This particular article is specially prepared for almost everybody.

It will help a great deal in differentiating between faculties and departments and also in their classifications. If you have been finding it difficult in understanding these classifications and identifications, you do not have to worry yourself anymore.

It is high time you got used to all of them at the tip of your fingers. I am going to take the time to give you the details about faculties and departments in Nigerian universities and leave no stone unturned.

All you have to do is to carefully read this article bit by bit to the last part. In Nigeria, there are hundreds of public universities and private universities and they are offering hundreds of courses at different levels of learning.

Coming into these institutions, you would discover obviously that the courses every institution offers are classified based on their respective field of studies and their related areas of specialisations.

Just like outside the societies today, in different enterprises, every activity are carried out based on this classification. This is very advantageous to help in establishing an organised system.

The same is applicable in courses that are offered in different universities. Without this classification, specialists and experts cannot be gotten. These classifications are what is referred to as faculties and departments.

If you wish to know more about how university courses are classified into faculties and departments, then it is advisable to maximize the usefulness of this article that you are reading.

The following are different faculties and departments that are available in Nigerian universities today.

Different Faculties And Departments In Nigerian Universities

1AgricultureAgricultural Economics
  Agricultural Extension
  Animal Science
  Crop Science
  Food Science and Technology
  Soil Science and Land Resource Management
  Forestry and Wildlife
  Human Ecology and dietetics/Home Economics
  Fisheries and Aquaculture
2ArtsTheatre Arts
  Communication Arts
  History and International Relation
  English language
  Languages(e.g: Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Efik-Ibibio)
  Religious Studies
3Basic Medical ScienceAnatomy
  Community medicine
  Medical sociology
  Nursing Science
  Medical Laboratory Science
  Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
  Medical microbiology and Parasitology
  Cell Biology
  Haematology and Immunology
  Environmental Health Science
  Radiography/Radiological Science
  Therapeutics and Toxicology
4Business AdministrationAccounting
  Banking and Finance
  Business management
5EducationAgriculture Education
  Accounting Education
  Biology Education
  Chemistry Education
  Physics Education
  French Education
  Physical Education
  Health Education
  Economics Education
  Languages (Education)
  History Education
  Music Education
  Mathematics Education
  English language Education
  Geography Education
  Home Economics Education
  Political science Education
  Primary Education
  Religious studies Education
  Integrated Science
  Social studies
  Technical Education
  Zoology Education
  Library Science
  Guidance and Counseling
  Special Education
6Clinical ScienceMedicine and Surgery
  Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  Health System Management
  Obstetrics and Gynecology
  Behavioral Science
  Nuclear Medicine
  Mental health
  Preventive and Social Medicine
  Internal medicine
7EngineeringAgric. Engineering
  Chemical Engineering
  Civil Engineering
  Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  Food Engineering
  Petrochemical Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering
  Petroleum Engineering
  Aeronautic Engineering
  Computer Engineering
  Industrial/Production Engineering
  Bio resources Engineering
  Metallurgical/Material Engineering
  Polymer/Textile Engineering
8Environmental StudiesEstate management
  Land Surveying
  Quantity Surveying
  Urban and Regional Planning
  Fine Arts
11ScienceAnimal and Environmental Biology
  Computer Science
12Social SciencesEconomics
  Regional Planning
  Sociology and Anthropology
  Political Science
  Public Administration

Note that the classifications and arrangements provided in this article tend to differ from some universities’ classifications. Whichever way it is classified, the institution’s classifications supersedes the one in this article.

The purpose of this article is to assist some students who do not know the Faculty-Department classifications in their institutions. Also, it will help those who are yet to secure admission into university in choosing courses to study.

For any other information on the Faculties and Departments in Nigerian University, kindly use the comment section under this article to contact me.  

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