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4 Ways To Get Admission Without JAMB

See how you can secure admission into any University of your choice without writing JAMB.

You do not wish to pass through the long procedure and the stress of going to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)

Are you tired of writing JAMB every year?

Do you want to secure admission into any University of your choice in Nigeria into your desired course as fast as you could not imagine?

If you have considered any of these questions or the likes and you have answered yes to any of them, then this article is specially designed for you. You cannot afford to miss this kind of article.

Due to many rigorous procedures that are involved in writing JAMB, starting from the registration processes to the stage of getting admission, so many people have considered if it is possible to avert from all those stresses and just get admission at once into the University.

Sometimes, many candidates end up not getting the required score that will fetch them admission into their dream courses. Also, the competition in the JAMB process of getting admission is not what to write home about.

For every year, there are millions of candidates who apply for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and as usual, less than a half of these will be admitted at the end of the whole process.

These are what many persons have looked at and considered that it is very much better for them to seek admission into the university through other means than the JAMB process.

In case you do not want to study in Nigeria, of course, you are not going to write JAMB for any reason, you have to take this article very seriously.

I have arranged this particular article for you to show you the best and easiest options that you have if you do not wish to get admission into the university through the JAMB procedures.

There are several ways of getting admission into a university that you did not know before that I am going to let you know about on the course of this article. These procedures are globally and legally recognised procedures.

If you seeking to get admission without JAMB and you would like to use those processes that I am going to show you, kindly ensure that you read this post to the end

How to get admission without JAMB

The following are the processes of getting admission aside from using JAMB scores.

1. Pre-Degree

Pre-Degree is one of the methods of getting admission into any University without using the JAMB process. It is an undergraduate programme that is run by any recognised university both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

The Pre-Degree undergraduate programme is also available in both private and public universities of Nigeria. The minimum requirement is just your O’level result. That means you are qualified to register for the programme as long as you have completed your secondary school education.

You do not have to go and wait to prepare for JAMB before you enrol in this programme. It is just a session programme (about six to eight months duration). In the Pre-Degree programme, students are expected to register and start to attend the class for about six months (depending on the institution’s stipulation).

Towards the end of the programme, examinations will be taken by the students based on what has been thought during the Pre-Degree programme. Any student who gets up to the required scores by the institution shall be offered admission in various courses they have applied for.

If you wish to apply for the Pre-Degree Programme for any university, you have to go to the school website to check out the requirements, the cost of the form and how to apply for the programme.

2. Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB)

This is another platform where you can get admission into university without writing JAMB.

The Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) is a programme that has been approved nationally by the Federal government of Nigeria. It collaborates with universities in Nigeria and it is headed by the University of Lagos.

There are branches of the JUPEB programme in many Nigerian universities. The board gives admission to students into universities based on their criteria. These students are those who have participated in the one-year JUPEB programme or diploma programme.

Different universities usually advertise for the sale of their JUPEB programme every year. Students who applied for the one year Programme will participate fully in the Programme and shall be admitted into year two (200 level) after their annual examination.

As a student of JUPEB, you have to ensure that you get up to the pass mark for the department that you have applied for.

The advantage of this programme is that you must be given admission into the university as long as you have gotten the general cut-off Mark for the, although you may not be considered for admission into your preferred department if you have gotten below the departmental cut-off mark.

In case you wish to enter University through the Direct Entry procedure, this programme would be the best option for you if you have not graduated from any high institution before.

3. Direct Entry

Direct Entry is a process of getting admission into a university through the use of an already acquired certificate from a high institution.

It is for those who wish to upgrade their certificate to a degree certificate in the same field of study and for those who wish to acquire another Degree honour in another or related field of specialisation.

Just like the JUPEB programme, candidates of direct entry are usually considered for admission into year two (200 level) in their chosen university. Here, admission into the university is considered based on the previous qualifications.

Certificates that can be accepted for direct entry include the following:

Diploma Certificate

National Certificate in Education (NCE)

Ordinary National Diploma (OND)

Higher National Diploma (HND)

Bachelors Degree (B.D)

Note that Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalents are not acceptable for direct entry.

If you want to apply for this direct entry into any university; you have to go through the JAMB registration process on their website. Ensure that you possess all the required qualifications for any course that you want to be admitted into before your application.

After the application, you will be invited by the school for a screening exercise which can take any form according to the institution’s discretion.

4. Study Abroad

It is always certain that a candidate cannot write JAMB if such a candidate chooses to study in any university outside Nigeria. The only thing that you have to do is to ensure that you have all the requirements.

If all the requirements are in place, you will surely get admission into any University of your choice outside the country, Nigeria, once you apply. There is a special advantage to any candidate who wishes to study abroad.

Such candidate shall be considered for scholarships and other academic grants by the country/the university he/she has applied to.

To read more about the best and easiest way to secure admission and study abroad, kindly click HERE

These are the things you need to know about getting admission into university without writing JAMB.

In case you have any question, on how to get admission into any university without writing, do not hesitate to contact me through the comment section under this article.

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