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How To Pay FUTO School Fees Online

Are you a student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)?

Do you wish to know how to pay the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) School Fees Online Successfully?

What are your answers to these questions above? If any of your answers to those questions is “yes”, it means that you are in the category of persons that I have prepared this article for.

I have received many from many people about the payment procedure for FUTO School Fees; they have been asking to know how to go about in paying the school fees.

Most times, these questions are usually from the students of the institution. They have passed through a lot of menace in hands of thieves and fraudsters who masquerade themselves as online vendors.

Usually, they come for assisting students in paying their school fees in business terms, not knowing that they are ready to make away with students’ school fees at any slightest opportunity.

All these are as a result of students not knowing how to pay their school fees by themselves. The best way to mitigate this risk to the least level is to let students know how to pay their school fees and process it online.

It has always been my suggestion that the management of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) should incorporate the teaching, How to Pay FUTO School Fees Online, in curriculum or better still, let it be always thought during Freshmen Orientation Exercise with a practical guide at the beginning of every session.

If this is achieved, students would get to know the nitty-gritty about the FUTO School Fees payment. To help some students who are seriously desirous to know how to pay the FUTO School Fees, I am going to present hands-on teaching on how to pay FUTO School Fees Online in this particular article.

In case you are a student of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), kindly maximize the benefits of this article.

Ensure that you read it to the end to get the detailed information about FUTO School Fees payment.

Procedure for FUTO School Fees payment

This section presents step by step guide on how to pay the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) school fees. If you want to pay the FUTO School Fees Online Successfully by yourself, make sure that you look into these procedures and follow them serially.

Step 1: Visit the FUTO School Fees payment portal at: http://portal.futo.edu.ng

Step 2: Login to the portal with your particulars (Your username and password)

For year one and year two students, you would be required to use your JAMB registration number to login and change your password on login.

Step 3: Go to school fees payment

Step 4: Select the academic session that you are paying for (E.g; 2021/2022)

Step 5: Generate your RRR Number via Remita

Step 6: With the generated RRR Number, complete your school fees payment through the same portal.

Step 7: Print your school fees receipt

Step 8: Register your Courses

Note that it is necessary to login again after your payment in order to confirm your school fees payment, bio-data, course registration and passport on the portal.

I hope you would be able to pay your FUTO School Fees Online Successfully after you have finished reading this article.

The above information is all you need for processing and payment of FUTO School Fees Online.

In case you have any questions regarding how to pay FUTO School Fees Online, please do always use the comment section below to contact me.

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