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IAUE Courses And Requirements 2023/2024 Academic Session

IAUE Courses And Requirements 2023/2024 Academic Session: In this article, I am going to show you in detail all the courses/programmes that are offered in the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education and their entry requirements.

Ignatius Ajuru University (IAUE) is a public university that was established to perpetuate the foundation and core value of education in Rivers State and Nigeria at large.

The university was born out of the quest to combat the shortage well and professionally trained teacher in Rivers State after the Civil War in 1970. It started as Advanced Teachers’ Training College on 14th June 1971 under the headship of Dr William Maxwell Jnr., a USAID representative who served in Rivers State.

The University has three campuses located in Rumuolumeni (the main campus and seat of administration), St John Diobu campus, and Ndele campus in Obio/Akpor, Port Harcourt, and Emuoha Local Government Areas respectively.

Currently, the University has seven Faculties. They are the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education.

There are fifty (50) teaching departments and well qualified senior lecturers from different academic disciplines. The majority of the Programmes of the institution are fully accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria’s Universities regulatory body.

In case you would like to study in the university and you have been searching to know the available courses in the institution, ensure that you continue to read this article carefully to the end.

Courses Offered In IAUE (Ignatius Ajuru University of Education)

The following courses are offered in the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE):

Natural And Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Bachelor of Science Education (B.Sc.Ed) degrees in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Human Kinetics
  • Health & Safety Education
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Physics

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers Bachelor of Art (B.A) and Bachelor of Art Education (B.A.Ed) degrees in:

  • English Language
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • French
  • Music
  • Theatre and Film
  • English and Communication Art
  • History and Diplomatic Studies
  • Religious and Cultural studies

Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Bachelor of Science Education (B.Sc.Ed) degrees in:

  • Economics
  • Social Studies
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Environmental Studies

Management Sciences

The Faculty of Management Science offers Bachelor of Science  (B.Sc) degrees in

  • Office and Information Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Management

Vocational and Technical Education

The Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and Bachelor of Science Education (B.Sc.Ed) degrees in

  • Agricultural Science
    • Animal Science
    • Fisheries
    • Soil Science
    • Crop Science
  • Home Economics & Hotel Management
  • Technical Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism


The Faculty of Education offers Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degrees in

  • Curriculum Studies
  • Educational Management
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Education
  • Adult Education
  • Community Development
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Primary Education  Studies
  • Bachelor of Library Science (B.Ls) in Library and Information Science

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IAUE Admission Requirements 2023/2024

To get admission into the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, you are expected to meet the requirements as shown below:

Faculty of Vocation and Technical Education

S/No.  Programme (Course Name)Faculty NameUTME SubjectsDirect Entry RequirementsUTME RequirementsCodeRemarks
1.Technical EducationEducationPhysics, Mathematics and any other relevant subject(i) NCE (Technical or Physics or Math’s) With merit pass in the relevant area plus UTME requirementsFive ‘O’ level credit which must include English Language Mathematics Physic,108181HAccredited
    (ii) Two ‘A’ level of IJMA passed in physics and Math’s plus UTME requirementsand any other 2 (Two) subjects  
2.Home Economics and EducationEducationChemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science and one (1) other subject.NCE merit in Home EconomicsA level passes in two (2) of Chemistry or any Biology, Botany and Agricultural Science.ND/HND credit in Home Economics or Food Science or Hotel and Catering Management or any other related programme.Five (5) O level NTC/NBC credit passes or TC II merit including English Language, Mathematics, Home Economics, Biology and Chemistry.108187GAccredited
 Agricultural Science and EducationEducationEnglish language, Chemistry and two of Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AnimalTwo passes at the Advanced level or two NCE passes not lower than Merit; one of the merit passes must be in Agricultural science/Biology/Health science/ AnimalFive Credit passes in WASC/NECO/ GCE in English Language, Mathematics, and any three of Agricultural Science/Biology Chemistry, Physics,108162CAccredited
  husbandry,husbandr/Fisheries.Animal husbandry,  
  Fisheries, Fisheries,  
  Economics, Economics.  

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

S/No.Programme (Course Name)Faculty NameUTME SubjectsDirect Entry RequirementsUTME RequirementsCodeRemarks
1.ChemistrySciencesEnglish Language and any three from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Agric ScienceFive` 0 `Level credit passes including Mathematics and English Language, plus Diploma or NCE in Chemistry at credit level or 2 credits passed at advanced Level.Five ` 0` Level credit including English Language and Mathematics and any three from Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Agric Science at not more than two sitting108199JAccredited
2.MathematicsSciencesEnglish, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry or Biology.Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in pure and applied Mathematics and either Physics and/or Chemistry. NCE with credit passes in Mathematics and another science subject for Direct Entry.Five (5) credit passes at SSCE (or its equivalent) including English Language and Mathematics and any other three (3) subjects preferably Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Data Processing, Computer Studies, Agricultural Science and Health Science in that order for UTME.108197CAccredited
3.BiologySciencesEnglish, Biology, Chemistry andAt least two ‘A’ passes in Biology, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry or Physics; or credit level passes inAt least Five (5) credit level passes at SSCE or its equivalent in:108198AAccredited

Faculty of Humanities

S/No.Programme (Course Name)Faculty NameUTME Subjects Direct Entry RequirementsUTME RequirementsCodeRemarks
1.MusicArts/HumanitiesThe Department of Music accepts the following subjects: English language and any three from the following: Christian Religious Studies (CRS), History, Literature in English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Commerce, Government, Economics Physical and Health Studies, Technical Studies.Post NCE and Post Diploma in Music/ Music Education (3 years). Candidates for direct entry must hold a diploma in Music or NCE Music with a grade not lower than merit pass. 1) Note: That candidates with Diploma or N.C.E from other disciplines must pass a departmental audition test. However, such candidates would only be admitted into year one of the B.A (ED) and B.A. programmes in MusicO’Level credit passes at the GCE, WAEC/SSCE or NECO level in five subjects: English Language and Mathematics and any three from the following: Christian Religious Studies (CRS), History, Literature in English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Commerce, Government, Economics, Physical and Health Studies, Technical Studies108205DAccredited
2.French and International StudiesArts/HumanitiesEnglish Language, Literature English,    inAn N.C.E. (National Certificate in Education), JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board) Certificate orA minimum of five (5) Ordinary Level credits at the G.C.E., WAEC/SSCE or NECO or a108210JAccredited

Faculty of Social and Management Science

S/No.Programme (Course Name)Faculty NameUTME SubjectsDirect Entry RequirementsUTME RequirementsCodeRemarks
1.Geography andSocial/ManEnglishi) A ‘Level or holders ofHolder s of108196EAccredite
 EnvironmentalagementLanguage, andND/OND & NCE will beWASSC/NECO/GCE d
 StudiesScienceany three otheradmitted into year two(2)or its equivalent  
   subjects cuttingThe A ‘Level/ND/with Five (5) O’Level  
   across theOND/NCE/ must be insubjects (Credit  
   Applied/NaturaGeography or Urban &pass) in one (1)  
   l/PhysicalRegional Planning, Estatesitting OR Six (6)  
   Sciences andMgt. Architecture, Envt’lO’Level subjects in  
   the SocialMgt. Survey, Geologytwo (2) sittings. The  
   Sciences: 5 or 6 subjects  
   Geography/Eco include :  
   nomics/Govt./C English Language,  
   ivic Mathematics, AND  
   Education/Mat 3 of either  
   hs/Chemistry/B Economics, Social  
   iology/Physics/ Studies, Govt./Civic  
     Education OR  
   Agric Sc/Tech. Drawing. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agric. Sc, Technical Drawing  
2.SociologyEducationEnglishFive O’LevelEnglish108195GAccredite
   language, GoverCredits including Englishlanguage, Mathemat d
   nment, EconomLanguage andics , Any 3 of the  
   ics, ReligiousMathematics At leastfollowing: Governme  
   Studies, or anymerit pass or lower creditnt, Economics, Geog  
   otherin NCE/ONDraphy, Commerce, Ci  
   arts subjects. vic Education  
     Literature in English  
     Christian                     Religious  
     Islamic Studies  
     Business Studies  
     Data processing  
     Agricultural Science  
     Health Education  
     Animal                  husbandry  
     Any of the science  
3.Political ScienceSocial/ManEnglish(i) National Diploma (ND)(a) A candidate must108211HAccredite
  agementLanguage,or NCE in relevantpossess Senior d
  ScienceGovernment,discipline or its equivalentSecondary  
   plus any twoat credit level and meritCertificate  
   other Sociallevel respectivelyExamination (GCE)  
   Sciences or Arts(ii) National Diploma in“O” level in Five (5)  
   SubjectsPublic Administration orsubjects at not more  
    Law from recognizethan two sittings.  
    institution with a(b) The subjects  
minimum of credit levelmust include
(iii) G.C.E. (A) Level passesEnglish Language
or its equivalent in any ofand Government as
the following subject:core subjects.
Government, Economics,(c) Any 2 “O” level
Christian Religious Studiessubject(s) from
(CRS), Businesseither,
Management and(i) Social
GeographySciences;(ii) Arts
 and (iii) Sciences
4.EconomicsSocial/ManGovernment orAdmissions into the directRequirements for108194IAccredite
  agementany other art /entry programme ofadmission into the d
  ScienceSocial ScienceDepartment of EconomicsB.Sc and B.Sc (Ed)  
   and Businessrequires credit pass inprogrammes of the  
   Subjects.English and MathematicsDepartment of  
   Chemistry,at the O’Level, in additionEconomics of  
   Physics, Animalto at least lower creditIgnatius Ajuru  
   husbandry,pass at National DiplomaUniversity of  
   Fisheries,(ND) in Banking andEducation are in line  
   Economics,Finance, Management,with general NUC  
   Geography,Accounting, Marketing, orand JAMB  
   Book Keeping.a pass in Economics andregulations.  
    any other related subjectSpecifically, entry  
    at the ‘A’Level; also aqualifications shall  
    minimum of merit at NCEconsist of five  
     O’Level credit passes  
     at one sitting or six  
     O’Level credit passes  
     at two sittings which  
     includes English  
     Economics, and anytwo of Commerce, Government or History or Civic Education, Geography, Marketing, Data processing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Business studies, Biology, Agricultural science or any other science subject.  

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