Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarships For Nigerians 2024

The European Union Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS has announced the commencement of the application phase for the Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for the year 2024. This prestigious programme offers Nigerian individuals the opportunity to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in European countries, on fully-paid EU. The Erasmus Scholarship programme aims to promote academic excellence and international collaboration.

The European Union Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Ms Samuela Isopi, underscored the significance of this initiative, which she described as a success story the EU is particularly proud of. “The Erasmus+ Scholarship Programme offers a beacon of opportunity for Nigerians seeking to advance their academic pursuits in Europe. It is not only about expanding educational horizons but also about building bridges of knowledge and fostering cultural exchange,” she stated

Erasmus+ scholarships offer Nigerian students a gateway to experience world-class education, engage with diverse cultures, and broaden their academic horizons. This year, the programme extends its scope to include teaching and non-teaching staff of higher education institutions, promoting knowledge-sharing and professional growth.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity and you are eligible for the scholarship, kindly read this article to the for more detailed on the application.

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Eligibility for Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarship for Nigerians

To be eligible for this postgraduate scholarship, applicant must possess the following requirements:

  1. Applicant must be a Nigerian citizen
  2. Applicant must be pursuing his/her postgraduate education (master’s degree and PhD)
  3. Applicant must be ready to leave Nigeria to study in any of the European Countries

How to Apply for the Scholarships

Eligible Nigerians, including higher education institutions staff, are encouraged to visit the official Erasmus+ Scholarship website at for comprehensive details on application procedures, eligibility criteria, available fields of study, and invaluable opportunities for career advancement.

There are only two to apply for the Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarships 2024 for Nigerian; one can apply through an organisation or as an individual.

Opportunities for organisations

Organisations wanting to participate in Erasmus+ may engage in a number of development and networking activities, including strategic improvement of the professional skills of their staff, organisational capacity building, and creating transnational cooperative partnerships with organisations from other countries in order to produce innovative outputs or exchange best practices.

In addition, organisations facilitate the learning mobility opportunities for students, education staff, trainees, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers and young people.

The benefits for involved organisations include an increased capacity to operate at an international level, improved management methods, access to more funding opportunities and projects, increased ability to prepare, manage, and follow-up projects, as well as a more attractive portfolio of opportunities for learners and staff at participating organisations.

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Key Actions

Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals

Learning mobility opportunities aim to encourage the mobility of students, staff, trainees, apprentices, youth workers and young people.

The role of the organisations in this process is to organise these opportunities for individuals. The benefits for the organisations include an increased capacity to operate at an international level, improved management skills, access to more funding opportunities and projects, increased ability to prepare, manage, and follow-up projects, a more attractive portfolio of opportunities for students and staff at participating organisations, the opportunity to develop innovative projects with partners from around the world.

Key Action 2: Cooperation among organisations and institutions

The cooperation among organisations and institutions is expected to result in the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at organisational, local, regional, national or European levels.

Key Action 3: Support to policy development and cooperation

Opportunities under this Key Action provides support to policy cooperation at European Union level, thereby contributing to the implementation of existing policies and the development of new policies, which can trigger modernisation and reforms, at European Union, and systems’ level, in the fields of education, training youth and sport.

Jean Monnet

Opportunities for teaching, research, and policy debate on the EU and its policies.


Designed to develop and implement joint activities to promote sport and physical activity, identify and implement innovative activities in the field of sport, and manage not-for-profit events to increase participation in sport.

Opportunities for individuals

Below you’ll see the many ways you can take part in Erasmus+.

You’ll need to go through your university, training centre or other organisation for most of them.

Your organisation applies for grants to run Erasmus+ projects, and those grants fund your participation.

Which countries does Erasmus+ cover?

There are 2 types of countries where Erasmus+ is active.

EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme

These can fully take part in all the actions of the Erasmus+ Programme. They include all EU countries, members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), candidate EU countries and others. They were previously called Programme countries.

Check: List Of Non-EU Countries | European Union And European Economic Area Countries

Third countries not associated to the Programme

These can take part in certain Erasmus+ actions. There are many of these, spanning the globe. They were previously called Partner countries.

I hope you have found useful information about Erasmus+ Postgraduate Scholarships for Nigeria in this article. In case of any other questions kindly make use of the comment section below.

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