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NYSC Online Registration For 2023 Batch A Stream II

NYSC Online Registration for 2023 Batch A Stream II will commence immediately the portal for the registration is opened by the management.

The NYSC Online Application for Re-Mobilization is currently ongoing. Prospective Corps Members who had been mobilized before but did not go for the NYSC Orientation Course should endeavor to take advantage of this second chance.

Are you a graduate from any Nigerian Higher Institution and you are yet to be mobilized for the NYSC one year youth service? If ‘Yes’ is your response to this question and you have validated you name on the NYSC Senate List for 2023 Batch A, you should know that this article is for you.

Having confirmed your details on the official graduation list, you are expected to proceed to the next step which is the NYSC Online Registration. In this article, I will be dealing with more on the registration for 2023 batch A stream II. You have to pay a close attention to this information if you are due for the registration.

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Information Required For NYSC Online Registration

By the time you commence you NYSC Online registration, you would be required to provide the following information to ensure a successful registration:

  • Your Personal Active Phone Number
  • Biometric Verification
  • Valid Email Account (Gmail preferably)
  • Password
  • JAMB Registration Number
  • Matriculation Number
  • Your name (correctly as they appear in your certificate)
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status: If married, provide newspaper change of name, husband’s valid ID card, marriage certificate, utility bill, and attestation letter from the current employment of husband.
  • Already Have a Previous Call-up? Yes or No;
  • Passport (White Background)
  • Disability status
  • Nationality
  • State of Origin
  • Local Government Area
  • Present Contact Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Academic information
  • Town/Village
  • Next of Kin details
  • Institution Attended (Primary School, Secondary School and Higher Institution)
  • Military Personnel/Paramilitary/National Award Honour Details (if among)
  • Nigerian Language(s) you speak
  • Nigerian State(s) visited
  • Kits ‎Specification (Shirt Size ‎and Trouser Size)

Date For NYSC Online Registration 2023 (Batch A, II)

The online NYSC registration for 2023 Batch A Stream I started on the 16th of January, 2023 and ended on the 20th of January, 2023 while that of the Batch A Stream II commences in the month of February.

All those who are supposed to register are expected to do that immediately the portal is opened as the period of the registration will only be 7 days.

Note that they will not be extension of the deadline for the online registration. As a result, any candidate who miss this period will have to wait till the next registration period.

Procedure For NYSC Online Registration 2023

Prospective Corps Members are required to complete their registration online via the NYSC registration portal. The steps given below will guide you through the process of your online registration:

  • Visit NYSC Portal and create an account with your functional email address.
  • Activate your newly created account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address supplied during account creation.
  • Login your dashboard and fill the bio-data form.
  • Thumbprint and capture biometric. 
  • Upload clear off white background passport photograph.
  • Upload your scanned signature.
  • Preview your registration form to ensure the details are correct.
  • Agree with the registration terms and conditions.
  • Click on submit.
  • Make payment.
  • Keep your login details for subsequent use.
  • Print out your green card and COVID slip within 24 hours after submission and payment.


Addresses Of NYSC FCT Secretariat, Area Offices, State Secretariats And Orientation Camps

2023 New NYSC Timetable For Batch A, B And C (Stream I & II)


  • From the Home Page, Click “Already Have Account-click here to Login-“. Enter your email and password to login
  • Click on “Click Here To Make Payment” after successful login
  • When Payment Confirmation page is displayed, Click on “Proceed to Payment”
  • You get redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options
  • For Cards and Wallet Payments
    Click on “Pay now with cards or wallets”
  • Provide card details, pin and whatever other information required
  • On successful transaction, the redirect URL is loaded with the status of the transaction
  • This completes the Remita Cards/Wallet payment process
  • To pay at any Bank Branch:
    Copy the RRR number generated and take to any of the approved banks
  • After making the payment, the payment status can be checked on this URL: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_remita as seen below.
    1. http://nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_Remita Navigate to Service ->
    2. Provide transaction reference number (order id)/Email Address
    3. Click on “Continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail
  • Click on “Get Status” to view the details of payment

Prospective Corps Member (PCM) Registration Biometric Requirements

The following explains the requirements needed to use the PCM Biometrics Registration module.

  1. Note that ONLY Digital Persona 4500Digital PersonaScanner shall be used for Biometrics Fingerprints data capture


  1. Java Runtime (version 6 to 8 recommended) must be Installed for online Biometrics Data capture.
    Download Java here (JAVA 7) | (JAVA 8) . Ensure you upgrade JAVA 8 (jre 1.8 or jdk 1.8) to update 60 if it is installed on your machine and you have the issue of ‘Live connect error’.
    Still Having Issue With Fingerprints Capture?, Click Here
  2. To use JAVA 8; only minimum of update 60 is supported across different browsers.
  3. You need to download the DIGITAL Persona Scanner’s driver depending on if your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit. Install the driver before the scanner can be used online.
  4. If you encounter error(s) after following the instruction above, please check if your browser has java enabled. Follow links below for instructions on how to enable Java in your browser
    Link 1 | Link 2


Open Biometric Client Link . Carefully follow the instruction on the page to install the Biometric Client

  Note: No further requirement is needed to register PCM online directly including the Biometrics Fingerprints capture. No Licence is required

  If you encountered error of ‘Get the updated version’, un-install the current application and re-install from the site

Passport Photograph Specification

  • Ensure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending
  • Ensure the picture fills the frame and centralised
  • Ensure the Photo background is white or off-white
  • Ensure the environment is well illuminated
  • Ensure the Passport size is 2×2
  • Click here to see a sample Picture

Registration of Married Prospective Corps Members

Female graduates who are already married as at the time of registration are usually given preferential consideration and they are posted to the same state where their respective spouses reside. To enjoy this benefit as a married woman, you must prove that you are married by uploading the following documents:

  • Copies of her marriage certificate.
  • Evidence of change of name and husband’s place of domicile during registration.
  • Husband’s means of identification (Driving License, National ID card).

Registration of Physically Challenged Persons

Anyone who is medically or physically challenged and disabled individuals are also given special consideration. Meanwhile, they are expected to fill their respective disability status during the online registration processes. In addition to that, they will be required submit the following documents:

  • Medical report from federal or state general hospitals.
  • Doctor’s Report.

NYSC Registration Steps for Foreign Trained Graduates

Here are the basic registration requirements and steps for foreign (international) trained graduates on NYSC portal:

  • Click on this link to read requirements for foreign trained graduates mobilization process.
  • Visit portal.nysc.org.ng to register.
  • Upload all original documents as required online. Failure to comply means you will not be evaluated.
  • Do not create multiple accounts.
  • Note that SSCE result uploaded must be equal to or greater than four (4) years.
  • Contact the Federal Ministry of Education Abuja, if your institution of study has not been evaluated to get an evaluation letter.
  • The Federal Ministry of Education has a portal for request of letter of evaluation. For institutions in Benin Republic, the institution process it for them.
  • Select a centre and date for pre-camp physical verification during online registration and adhere to the selected centre and date strictly.
  • All foreign-trained graduates must physically present themselves for pre-camp verification after they must have successfully registered online, alongside with original copies of their degree certificates, transcript and travel documents.
  • You are to print your clearance slip after you have been successfully verified and present the same for registration at the various camps of deployment.
  • If you are exempted from service, you will be notified when to collect your exemption certificate on your dashboard at the NYSC NDHQ, Abuja.
  • Those excluded from service will print their exclusion letter on their dashboard online.

Should Part-Time Graduates Also Register For NYSC Online

Yes, all part-time graduate that are due for the one year service should endeavour to complete their NYSC Online Registration. This is to enable them to have access to the exemption letter and thereafter, the NYSC Certificate.

Without the registration, they will not be issued the exemption letter.

More Notes on NYSC Online Registration

  • NYSC portal is open for foreign trained graduates and part-time graduates.
  • If you are registering for the first time, click on a fresh registration link.
  • If you were deployed previously and did not report to the orientation camp, click on the revalidation link to re-validate.
  • If you have registered previously and did not complete your registration, click “Login Here” to continue your registration with your username and password.
  • Allow no one to thumb print for you. Do the biometric verification by yourself.
  • Do not register by PROXY. 
  • Never enter false information. Make sure all your details are correct.
  • Never present fake documents. You can be arrested or embarrassed.
  • Upload a clear passport photograph. Do not upload passport photograph putting on NYSC crested vest. Passport photograph cannot be changed after camp registration.
  • PCMs who have name correction request (addition or removal of name) to be processed by the institution should apply on their dashboard and spelling errors and rearrangement.
  • Date of birth, date of graduation and course of study will be on the certificate of national service and exemption certificate.
  • Apply for date of birth correction on your dashboard. Note that you cannot correct your date of birth after camp registration.
  • PCMs are advised to preview records entered before submission to avoid errors.
  • Once the NYSC online registration deadline expired, the portal will be closed for registration.

I hope that you are well clarified through the information contained in this article. If you wish to be kept updated on any information about the National Youth Service Corp, ensure that you subscribe to this website by activating the notification button on this page.

For any other inquiries about NYSC Online Registration For 2023 Batch A Stream II, kindly make use of the comment section under this article.

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