2023 New NYSC Timetable For Batch A, B And C (Stream I & II)

If you have been searching for the 2023 NYSC timetable for batch A, B, and C (stream I & II), you have to read this article to the end to get every information that you are looking for. The Directorate of National Youth Service Corp has published the schedules for the year 2023.

nysc orientation camp

About NYSC One Year Service

The one year National Youth Service Corps is made up of four major components with specific activities that are engaged by the deployed corps members.

Every corps member is expected to participate effectively in each of these components before such corps member shall be issued the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Certificate. The components of the NYSC service year include the following:

  1. NYSC Orientation Course
  2. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)
  3. Community Development Services (CDSs)
  4. Winding-Up/Passing-Out

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Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

This is a place where respective corps members are posted to immediately after they have been sensitized about their new environment, culture of their state of deployment and their roles in the society by the selected NYSC officials in the orientation camp.

PPA is where they are going to engage in the one-year compulsory service. It can be schools, ministries, companies, recreational centres or any other recognized institutions.

Community Development Services (CDSs)

In Community Development services, corps members are expected to serve the general society with their respective potentials and capacities. It is a way of giving back to different communities what they have while expecting no payment from them.

The different Community Development Service (CDS) groups that are anchored by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members include the following:

Agro-Allied CDS group

Charity CDS group

Editorial and Publicity CDS group

Education and ICT CDS group

Environmental CDS group

Dance and Drama CDS group

Digital Onboarders CDS group

Disaster Management CDS group

Drug Free CDS group

Federal Road Safety Commission F.R.S.C, CDS group

Legal Aids CDS group

Medical CDS group

Music and Band CDS group

Sports CDS group


This is the stage where corps members are certified officially for successfully completing the one-year service to Nigeria. A date is usually scheduled by the NYSC for Passing-Out Parade of every batch and stream of corps members.

After which, the corps members are issued NYSC discharge certificates.

Note that Exemption Certificate is only for those who did not participate in the one year service due to one notable reason or the other such as age limitation.

NYSC Mobilization Schedule For 2023

All graduates from different institutions in Nigeria and those who studied outside the country and are due for mobilization for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) should be aware that the mobilization schedule for the 2023 has been released.

The mobilization stage is the stage at which the names of those that will be going for service at a specific batch will be published. Those that are concerned should go through the following mobilization schedule to know the time that they will be going for service.

Mobilization is of prospective corps members are usually done by the graduates’ respective institutions for those that studied in Nigeria. It is therefore required that all graduates who have completed their clearances in the school that they have graduated from should follow the required processes by the institutions.

It should be noted by everyone that without being mobilized by the school, your name will not be published in the NYSC Senate Lists which is usually accessed via the NYSC portal.

Most tertiary institutions in Nigeria are still on their mobilization processes for the 2023 batch A corps members. It is advisable that you should hurry with your clearance so as to join the next batch

2023 NYSC Mobilization Timetable 

2022 Batch ‘C’ Re-Mobilisation31st December, 2022– 6th January, 2023
2023 Batch ‘A’ Post Mobilisation Workshop21st – 24th March, 2023
2023 Batch ‘B’ Pre-Mobilisation Workshop27th June – 1st July 2023
Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs31st May – 28th June 2023
Submission of Hard Copies of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs28th June – 5th July 2023
On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates29th June – 12th July 2023
Pre-camp Physical Verification of Credentials of Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates12th – 17th July 2023
Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks officers.29th June – 5th July 2023
Action by ICT Department20th – 24th July 2023
Notification and Printing of Call-up Letters by PCMs24th – 26th July 2023
Delivery of Manual Call-up Letters to Institutions24th – 26th July 2023
2023 Batch B Orientation CourseJuly, 2023

The new date shall be communicated across if there is any change by the NYSC Directorate

2023 NYSC Online Registration Schedule

The NYSC Online registration is done only on the online recognised platforms. The following are the Registration portal for all the batches in 2023.

The Website address is any of the following:

  1. nysc.org.ng
  2. portal.nysc.org.ng

The proposed dates of NYSC online registration of the 2023 prospective Corps members has been published by the NYSC official. For those who will be going for their National Youth Service in the 2023, you are expected to know the month, dates and the durations of your online registrations.

This will help you in no small way while getting your documents and other requirements ready for the registration before time. The following are the NYSC online registration schedule for all the batches in the 2023.

BatchesRegistration Dates
A (Stream I & II)January, 2023
B (Stream I & II)June, 2023
C (Stream I & II)November, 2023

Remobilization of Batch C Stream II ends on 6th January, 2023.

It should be noted that the dates above stand to be altered as soon the NYSC releases any update that is contrary to the previous dates.

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Graduates

The following are the requirements for Registration/Mobilization of graduates from different institutions:

  1. The Website address is any of the following:
    1. www.nysc.gov.ng
    2. nysc.org.ng
    3. portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Prospective Corps members should ensure that they have functional e-mail addresses that they can access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register. They will use the Email address and password to login to the NYSC portal subsequently and so are advised to keep it safe
  3. Locally trained prospective Corps members are expected to use correct Matriculation numbers to register
  4. For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions will have access to the register on the NYSC portal.
  5. For Foreign Trained Prospective Corps Members, Click here and read more on Foreign Trained requirements FOREIGN TRAINED MOBILIZATION REQUIREMENTS
  6. Anybody who presents any fake document will be demobilized and decamped and handed over to law enforcement agencies for prosecution.
  7. Prospective corps members should ensure that Passport photographs used meet the following specifications:
    1. Ensure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending
    2. Ensure the picture fills the frame and centralized
    3. Ensure the Photo background is white or off-white with no shadow.
  8. On no account should prospective corps members register by PROXY. They should also remember the fingers used for their biometric capturing as these will be used for verification at the orientation camps. Those who cannot be verified with their biometric at the orientation camp will not be registered.
  9. Only prospective corps members who want their call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters on-line are expected to pay N2,786.24 (see NYSC Portal on how to make payment).
  10. Prospective Corps members who do not want to pay the N2,786.24 have the option of going to their schools to collect their call-up numbers and call-up letters.
  11. All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration before but were not mobilized need not pay again.
  12. Married female prospective corps members (whether locally or foreign-trained) should upload copies of their marriage Certificates, evidence of Change of name and their husbands’ place of domicile during registration.
  13. The orientation camp is highly not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Prospective corps members in this categoriy are therefore to note that they will not be accommodated.
  14. Prospective corps members who graduated from Institutions located in the following Geo-Political Zones with challenges related to mobilization should contact the following Telephone Numbers.
    1. South East – 08092142614
    2. South South – 08102790538
    3. North Central – 08092142661
    4. South West – 09038034460
    5. North West – 08092142616
    6. North East – 07018836388
  15. All Part-time graduates are expected to register online and print exclusion letter online
  16. Foreign-Trained graduates are to use Nigerian Phone numbers during the online registration.

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates

Nigerian Graduates who graduated from any Foreign Institutions of the world are also expected to participate in the National You Service Corps one year service. In this section, I will show you the necessary requirements for the registration/mobilization of Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates.
In order to ensure a seamless registration, prospective corps members are to note the following for strict compliance:


The originals and photocopies of the following documents are required for registration and mobilization of foreign-trained graduates into the National Youth Service Corps (Please note that downloaded Certificates/Transcripts, Statement of results and Attestation letters are not acceptable)

  1. First University Degree or HND Certificate
  2. Complete official transcript of the first Degree or HND course
  3. Marksheet (for Indian Universities only)
  4. O’level certificate i.e WASC, GCE, SSCE. NECO, IGCE, GCSE, high school diploma for those schooled in USA etc. Note that Online Result Print out is not acceptable in place of the original certificate
  5. Candidates must obtain credit in not less than five (5) subjects (including English and Mathematics) in not more than 2 sittings.
  6. Please note that persons who did TOP UP programme/Course are required to upload their foundation certificate eg APTECH, OND, NIIT, IMFORMATICS etc.
  7. Medical doctors, optometrists. Pharmacists,Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists,Radiographers, physiotherapists and all other Health related professionals are required to produce their certificate of registration and Practicing license from relevant bodies. Pharmacists are to present additional documents such as, Oath and letter of introduction from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria .

Note that online result print-outs are not acceptable in place of the original certificates. Statement of results are also not accepted.

TRAVEL DOCUMENT; Nigerian International Passport Showing Clearly:

  1. Entry visa to the country of study.
  2. Date of First Departure from Nigeria or first Date of entry into country of study.
  3. Date of Return to Nigeria after the period of study
  4. Data page(s) of the international passport(s) used during period of study.
  5. Graduates with dual nationality are required to upload data pages of both International Passports and present same for verification at the physical verification Centre/Orientation camp( where more than one passports were used during the period of study, candidate should upload data pages of all the international passports)
  6. Where more than one international Passports were used during the period of study, candidates should upload Data Pages of the International Passports.
  7. Residence permit /visa covering the whole period of study.


In the event of loss of international passport, a prospective Corps Member is expected to obtain the following:

  1. Police and Immigration reports from the country where the Passport got missing.
  2. Sworn affidavit from the court of law
  3. Other evidence of stay in the country of study, and
  4. A new International Passport (Personal Data page of the newly obtained International Passport must be uploaded)


For loss of academic credentials, the following are required:

  1. Detailed Police report
  2. Sworn affidavit from the Court of law
  3. Confirmation of result from either the examination body (for loss of O’Level certificates) or the institution of graduation (for loss of degree, HND, Certificates)
  4. Personal Data page of the newly obtained International Passport must be uploaded

Certicates/Transcripts Not written in English Language must be translated at the Embassy of the country of study or a University in Nigeria where the language is studied, before presentation to the NYSC


  1. Holders of Diploma of Higher Education and Higher Certificate of Education are not qualified for Mobilization. Therefore, they need not register
  2. Attestation Letter, Letter of completion of course, To Whom It May Concern letter or any related document is not acceptable in lieu of Degree or HND Certificate (except for Republic of Cameroun).
  3. Statement of result are also not acceptable in lieu of any certificate.
  4. Please note that NYSC Management reserves the right to refer to Federal Ministry of Education for verification, any institution or document which status is questionable
  5. Married women would be deployed to the State where their husbands are domiciled, provided their marriage certificates, husband’s means of identification eg Drivers License, International Passport, National ID card and evidences of change of name are uploaded/Presented.
  6. Physical verification of all credentials uploaded by foreign Graduates will take place at the specific venues, dates and duration as would be indicated in the candidate’s dashboard. Those assigned callup numbers without first undergoing pre-camp physical verification would be verified at the orientation camp.
  7. Foreign Trained Corps Members should not send their credentials home after preliminary registration in the Camp until the credentials are physically verified by duly assigned officer(s) from NYSC, National Directorate Headquarters Abuja. Foreign trained Corps Members should also remain in the camp until their credentials are physically verified
  8. Oxford Brookes, (ACCA), Professional Certificates, Correspondance Courses and Certificates through online courses are not acceptable
  9. Scanned or photocopies of Credentials are not acceptable.
  10. Foreign graduates who are exempted from service must present all academic credentials and International Passport uploaded for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja before Exemption Certificate is issued
  11. Foreign graduates who are excluded from service must also present all academic credentials and International Passport uploaded for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja before Exclusion Letter is printed online
  12. Foreign Trained graduates who are members of the Armed Forces, Nigerian Police, Nigerian Security Organization (NSO), Department of State Services, National Intelligence Agency(NIA) and Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) are expected to upload their letters of enlistment, letters from their commands and service identity card while registering online.


  • From the Home Page, Click “Already Have Account-click here to Login-“. Enter your email and password to login
  • Click on “Click Here To Make Payment” after successful login
  • When Payment Confirmation page is displayed, Click on “Proceed to Payment”
  • You get redirected to Remita Payment Engine with various payment options
  • For Cards and Wallet Payments
    Click on “Pay now with cards or wallets”
  • Provide card details, pin and whatever other information required
  • On successful transaction, the redirect URL is loaded with the status of the transaction
  • This completes the Remita Cards/Wallet payment process
  • To pay at any Bank Branch
    Copy the RRR number generated and take to any of the approved banks
  • After making the payment, the payment status can be checked on this URL: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_remita as seen below.
    1. http://nysc.org.ng/nysc1/TransactionStatus_RemitaNavigate to Service ->
    2. Provide transaction reference number (order id)/Email Address
    3. Click on “Continue” to query Remita and view the transaction detail
  • Click on “Get Status” to view the details of payment


Henceforth, information from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) will no longer be used to effect changes immediately on the NYSC online Registration. The new procedure for the PCM is to Submit

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth;
  2. Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and
  3. Click on Verify button
  4. Click SUBMIT or CANCEL

The procedure to change Course of Study is

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;
  2. Select Course of Study; and
  3. Click SUBMIT

2023 Orientation Camp Schedule

At the beginning of every year, the National Youth Service Corps officials usually prepare the NYSC Timetable on how all prospective corps members of each institution shall be mobilized and the schedule for the NYSC Orientation Camp program.

Due to the large number of students that graduate in the country per annum, The National Youth Service Corps body decided corps members should be serving the country in batches and different streams. This measure has been one of the reasons behind the smooth management of the program.

Typically, the National Youth Service Corps deployment is made up of Batch A with Stream 1 and 2, Batch B with Stream 1 and 2 and Batch C. In this article, I am going to unveil to you the NYSC Timetable for the year, 2023.

This timetable includes different dates that have been scheduled for the 2023 NYSC Orientation Camp for each of the batches and streams. It should be noted that the NYSC Orientation Camp always lasts for 21 days.

It is pertinent that as a prospective corps member or even if you are yet to be mobilized but you have graduated, to read this article to the end in other to ensure adequate preparation towards the camping periods.

Also, this article will be helpful to you to know the date that the batch you are mobilized into will be resuming at the orientation camp.

2022 Orientation Course Resumption Timetable

The new dates scheduled for 2021 NYSC Orientation Camp are as follows:

AI10th -30th March, 2023
 II18th May – 8th June, 2023
BI27th July – 16th August, 2023
 II1st – 21st September, 2023
CI2nd November– 22ndNovember, 2023
 II24rd November – 14th December, 2023

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2023 Batch C Orientation Course Schedule

This is inform all 2022 Batch C prospective corps members that a new date have been scheduled for the resumption of their Orientation Courses in all the Orientation Camps across the country. The new date which has been approved by the Director General National Youth Service Corps is Wednesday, 2nd November, 2023.

As usual, the orientation camps are expected to be open for a period of 21 days. Therefore, the Batch C Orientation Course will end on the Tuesday, 22nd November, 2023. The breakdown of the activities in the Orientation Camp are as shown below:

Commencement – Wednesday, 2nd November, 2023

Registration – Wednesday, 2nd November, 2023 – Friday, 4th November, 2023

Cut-Off Date – Friday, 4th November, 2023

Swearing-In – Tuesday, 8th November, 2023

Closing – Tuesday, 22nd November, 2023.

Other Things To Note About The 2023 Orientation Camp Schedule

  • All prospective corps members are not going to resume the same date for any Camp.
  • You are expected to check your dashboard on the NYSC website to know your state of deployment and the date of reporting to Orientation Camp.
  • On your dashboard, they are a whole lot of NYSC rules and regulations for reporting to Orientation Camp, make sure that you read and adhere to all the rules.
  • Most importantly, always make sure that you check your dashboard regularly to be conversant with any latest development from NYSC.

Items To Be Used In Orientation Camp By Corp Members

  • Deodorants..

• Powder

• Armpit spray or roll-on, depending on the one you like.

• Perfume/body spray

• Body cream/ oil

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Comb for hair

• Bathing soap

• Sponge

• Towel

• Bar soap

• Detergent

• Bleach

• Tissue paper

• Antiseptic, like dettol

• Milk

• Sugar

• Milo

• Garri

• Cornflakes

• Butter (as a bread spread)

• Mosquito net

• Touch

• Bathroom slippers

• Bed spread

• Wrapper

• Blanket

• Night wear

• Undies

• Sunday wears

• Jean trouser

• Hangers (preferably iron, so it doesn’t break. But if you can take care of it, that will be nice)

• Bucket

• Bailer

• Soap dish

• White shirts (3/4)

• White shorts (3/4)

• White socks (3/4)

Though NYSC is going to give you these things, you must have extra. Most times, the ones that NYSC give may not be your required size and good quality. Therefore, it is good for you to have the ones you would like to be using. Also, due to the colour (white), you can only use it for a day and you will change it to another one. Having extra will make you have options on what to use at every particular point in time.

• White rubber shoe

• White sneakers (if you wish)

• Waist bag

• Water bottle

• Plates

• Spoon

  • Fork (rubber)

• Cup

• Flask

A cardigan, if you will be cold preferably White Cardigan

Coloured wears are not allowed except the day you arrive at the camp, cultural day and the day you leave camp.

Also, since you are carrying a jean trousers, you can go with 2 shirts or so, for you to wear outside the camp for you to wear and travel back home (optional)

This is everything that you are expected to know about the 2023 NYSC timetable for batch A, B, and C (stream I & II). I assure you that this article is going to be updated once any change is made by the National Youth Service Corps body.

For any other questions about the 2023 NYSC Timetable, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

Please do well to share this article on all your social media platforms to help your friends to have access to the information.

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