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NYSC Senate List For 2023 Batch A, B & C

The NYSC Senate Lists for 2023 Batch A, B and C Prospective Corps Members are now available online. If you are a graduate that is due for mobilization and you like to confirm if your name is actually in the published senate list, make sure that you take this article very serious.

The National Youth Service Corps has repeatedly announced that graduates from all recognised Nigerian institutions should visit the portal for the senate list and re-validate their respective details.

In this article, I am going to throw more light on the NYSC Senate list-related matters and how prospective corps members can get access to it.

Before I proceed, it is important to let everyone know that NYSC senate lists are not access based on the institution in which the student graduated from. That is, you cannot validate if your name is on the NYSC senate list on the school portal or website.

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The National Youth Service Corps has designed a special portal where anyone can log on to check their names with their respective personal details. If you have been searching for this portal and the procedures for checking the senate list, kindly read this article to the end.

The NYSC Senate List

NYSC Senate List is the compilation of all the Nigerian graduates who are due for Mobilization for the one year compulsory National Service. This list comprises of the details individuals who have duly fulfilled the necessary graduation requirement from their respective institutions.

It is usually sent to the National Youth Service Corps, Abuja through the Students’ Affair Divisions by the different school Senates respectively for all the batches. Before the list could be sent to the NYSC, it must have passed through series of screenings by the Institution’s Senate Business Committee (SBC).

This is to ensure that no student who is not qualified for NYSC Mobilization is allowed into the list until such student fulfills the necessary graduate requirements as stipulated by the institution. Therefore, if your name appears on the NYSC Senate list, it means that you have successfully graduated, otherwise, you have not.

How to Check NYSC Senate List 2023 Online

The NYSC Senate List for 2023 Batch A, B and C Prospective Corps Members can be checked online via the designated portal. The steps that are involved in checking the list are as shown below:

1. Visit the NYSC Senate List portal at: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx

nysc senate list portal

2. Enter the Required details:

nysc senate list portal

3. Click on “Search” Button

4. Your details on the senate list will be displayed as shown above

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How to View Senate Approved List For Your Department

You can also view the senate approved list of a Batch of any department in any institution in bulk. A simple steps in shown in this section will enable you to perform this task successfully:

  1. Go to the NYSC Portal homepage at: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/home
  2. On lower side of the page, click on “View Graduation List”
nysc graduation list

3. Select the following entries:

  • Batch
  • Programme
  • Institution
  • Accredited Courses

Example: Let’s extract the 2021 Batch’ B Senate List for students of Agricultural Science in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

nysc graduation list portal
nysc graduation list portal

4. Click on “Extract PCM” to proceed

pcm list

5. The Senate Approved graduation list for the batch displays as shown above.

What to Do After Validating Your Name on the Senate List

Now that you have confirmed that your name is on the NYSC Senate Graduation List, you have to proceed to the next step as follow:

I hope that you have found this article helpful. If you have any other inquiries about the NYSC Senate List for 2023 Batch A, B and C, kindly make use of the comment section under this article.

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