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Things You Need To Know About NYSC Orientation Camp

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a programme in which every full-fledged graduate of Nigerian citizen is mandatorily expected to go through in other to fulfil the obligation to the government of the federation.

The program started in the year 1973 and it was initiated to fill the voids which could be created in the society if self-reliance, the dignity of labour and national unity and integration are not promoted.

It is aimed at the engagement of every Nigerian youth in a one-year compulsory service for the interest of the nation. In recognition of the necessity to maintain national value, the NYSC program is designed to ensure that every graduate that is a Nigerian citizen is carried along irrespective of the country where he or she graduates from; whether from Nigeria institution or institution of other countries of the world.

Every graduate is deployed to any state of the country aside from their state of origin. Usually, before the commencement of this one-year service, orientation courses are organised by the NYSC body in a bid to prepare all the corps members on the task that they are yet to embark on. The orientation courses usually last for three weeks.

The area of coverage of this article is on what the National Youth Service Corps Orientation Courses are all about. This article is especially for all graduates and particularly for all the prospective corps members. Any undergraduate student is also expected to read this article to get prepared for the program.

NYSC Orientation Courses

In this section of the article, I will be showing you the different courses that are thought during the three weeks NYSC Orientation Camp. The following are the areas where all prospective corps members are enlightened before the full commencement of the one year service.

1. Security and Safety measures:

Corps members will be thought how to stay secure at their different states of deployment and places of primary assignment (PPAs). These also include all precautionary measures to take in cases of emergency or any security issues.

2. Drug:

Under this lecture you are going to be thought about the following topics:

What is Drug

What is Drug Abuse

Factors that predispose to drug usage

Consequences of Drug Abuse; which include: Physical consequences and psychological/Social consequences.

Signs of Drug Abuse.

3. Role of Corps members in Public Relations.

4. Deployment and Relocation of Corps Members:

For those who would want to be relocating to another state other than the one they have been deployed, this lecture will be very essential to you. In the lecture, you are going to be enlightened on the following areas:

Registration and Documentation of prospective corps members

Processing of relocation of corps members on camp

Processing of certificate format


Documentation of Relocated-in corps members

Distribution of Certificate of National Service (CNS)

5. The role of NYSC members in the society

6. Account Lecture: Things to note under account Lecture are:

Opening of Account; this encompasses bank verification number related issues and account limits.

Financial entitlement: As of the time of this publication, financial entitlements from the NYSC body include the following:

Monthly allowance — N33,000

Transportation to Camp allowance — N1,800

Bicycle allowance — N1,400

Transportation back to home allowance — N1,800

Payment of monthly allowance

Process to undergo for Unpaid Allowance

State Allowance.

7. National Youth Service Corps Act and Bye Laws

Here you are going to be thought NYSC body is being controlled, the do’s and don’ts of the National Youth Service Corps and possible penalties for defaulters against the rules and regulations.

8. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Sensitisation on electoral procedures:

You should note that in a way of promoting national core values, the National Youth Service Corps members are saddled with the responsibility of undertaking most of the electoral procedures in each of the polling units. In this regard, you will be sensitized to the roles of NYSC members during any election at their respective state of deployment.

9. Financial Inclusion:

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports will be coming to the orientation camp to teach corps members how they can be financially inclusive in the growth and development of the national economy. At the end of the section, they are going to reveal due processes to follow to ensure access to credit facilities to develop their private businesses.

10. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This comprises the 17 sustainable development goals that are also known as Global Goals.

11. Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development:

This is the aspect of the orientation lectures whereby all corps members would be given opportunities to learn and get acquainted with many entrepreneurial skills. It is expected that every respective corps member should get specialized in a particular area. Areas where this teaching shall cover include the following;

  1. Film and Photography
  2. Web and Graphics
  3. Paint making
  4. Tailoring
  5. Agro-Allied
  6. Cakes and confessionary
  7. Perfume making
  8. Tie and dye
  9. Make-up and Cosmetics
  10. POP making
  11. Leatherworks (Bag and Shoemaking)
  12. Solar energy installation
  13. Creative Arts
  14.  Hairdressing
  15.  Others  

NYSC is a special scheme adopted by the Federal Government which helped Nigerian youths a great deal. Meanwhile, they are other advantages of the National Youth Service Corp to the development of the nation.

To all intending corps members, I urge you to prepare very well as you will be going to the NYSC Orientation Camp so that you can maximize the opportunity.

I hope that you have found this article very helpful. Please make sure that you share it with your friends who may still need the information.

For more inquiries about the 2022 NYSC Orientation Camp, kindly use the comment section under this article.

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