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Are you a candidate of the 2024 UTME? If yes and you will be writing Computer as one of your subject combination, kindly pay a kin attention to every information that you are going to see in this article. The JAMB Computer Questions and Answers for 2024 examination are finally out. Here in this article, they have been properly arranged to ensure that all interested candidates who will read this article till the end master all the questions before the examination day.

If you really want to get a high JAMB score, ensure you read this article carefully till the end.

JAMB Computer Questions and Answers 2024

The following are the likely computer questions and answers for 2024 JAMB Examination:

  1. Which of the listed is not a type of computer application?

A. Microsoft word
B. Firefox
C. Joy stick
D. VLC media player

2. Firefox is an example of ____________

A. System software
B. Application package
C. Application software
D. Computer tools

3. Microsoft word serves the purpose of ____________

A. Developing other applications
B. Creating documents
C. Storing Documents
D. Browsing

4. Computer applications are example of ____________

A. Hardware
B. Computer utilities
C. Program packages
D. Software

5. Computer softwares like ios, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, are classified as ____________

A. Computer utilities
B. System software
C. Computer application
D. Application package

6. Which part of a laptop serves the same function as a mouse?

A. Arrow keys
B. Navigation bar
C. Touchpad
D. Keyboard

7. The arrow displayed on the screen of a computer is called

A. Pointer
B. Arrow
C. Cursor
D. Indicator

8. The most basic network is ____________


9. The Domain name of a website is also its ____________

A. IP address
B. TCP address
C. Database system
D. Network server

10. The memory unit receives data and information from which unit?

A. Input unit
B. Output unit
C. Control unit
D. Arithmetic and logic unit

11. Computer software can be classified into how many parts?

A. 3
B. 5
C. 2
D. 4

12. Which of the following is an example of software

A. Joy stick
B. Keyboard
C. Operating systems
D. Mouse

13. What is the function of firewall?

A. Service provider
B. Cyber security
C. Internet browser
D. Storage device

14. Numerous files are referred to as ____________

A. Files
B. Folder
C. Memo
D. Drafts

15. Computer files can be characterised by all but, ____________

A. A title
B. It’s accessibility
C. The ability to be modified
D. Where it is stored

16. A logic circuit performs ____________ functions

A. Interpretation
B. Processing and Controlling
C. Storage
D. Security

17. Which of the following is not a type of logic gate


18. The acronym from DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is ____________


19. The major function of a Database management system is ____________

A. Virus detection
B. Cyber security
C. Manipulation of data in a data base
D. Store large data

20. What is debugging?

A. Preventing bugs from getting to the computer
B. Inserting errors into the program
C. Finding and removing errors from a computer
D. Finding and removing errors from a program

21. What type of errors occurs when the program is asked to implement an impossible task such as dividing a number by zero?

A. Syntax error
B. Runtime error
C. Logical error
D. Arithmetic error

22. Which number base system is used by low level languages

A. Duodecimal
B. Binary
C. Hexadecimal
D. Decimal

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23. Why is the base 10 system unique?

A. There are only 10 fingers to every human
B. There are only 10 one digit numbers
C. The number 10 has just 2 factors
D. No specific reason.

24. Which program translates programs to a simpler language that the computer can execute.

A. Compiler
B. Interpreter
C. Processor
D. Algorithm

25. What is a website main page called?

A. Home page
B. Bookmark
C. Search page
D. Task page

26. The first commuters were programed using ____________

A. Assembly language
B. Machine language
C. Source code
D. Object code

27. Which computer accessory is both an input and output device?

A. Monitor
B. Printer
C. Network cards
D. Scanner

28. Which doesn’t belong to the group?

A. Flash drive
B. Floppy disk
C. Compact disk
D. Memory unit

29. Computers are used majorly at offices for ____________

A. Recreational purposes
B. Research purposes
C. Storage purpose
D. Security purposes

30. Which part of a processor contains the hard ware necessary to perform all the operations required by a computer?

A. Data path
B. Controller
C. Registers
D. Cache

31. Which of the following is not a stage of system development cycle?

A. Design
B. Test running
C. Implementation
D. Observation

32. Which process is used by large retailers to study trends?

A. Data mining
B. Data selection
C. Data conversion
D. Pos

33. Which of the following is not a method of filing

A. Random
B. Sequential
C. Serial
D. Geographical

34. Which of the following isn’t used to navigate in a computer?

A. Cursor
B. Keyboard
C. Mouse
D. Scanner

35. How many types of booting are there?

A. 5
B. 3
C. 2
D. 4

36. System software can further be classified into two. Operating software and ____________ software

A. Utility
B. Storage
C. Anti virus
D. File management system

37. Which of the following system software resides in the main memory always?

A. Text editor
B. Assembler
C. Linker
D. Loader

38. Applications on a screen are displayed by ____________

A. Cursor
B. Icon
C. Home screen
D. App drawer

39. Word processor, spreadsheets, database, graphics and presentation software are all examples of?

A. Application packages
B. Utility packages
C. Operating system software
D. None of the above

40. Microsoft PowerPoint is a ____________ application

A. Presentation software
B. Graphing
C. Productivity software
D. Gaming

More Practice Questions for JAMB Computer Studies

You can use these questions below to prepare yourself as a candidate who is going to be writing Computer studies in the forthcoming examination:

Computer Jamb Past Questions and Answers:

Below are computer jamb past questions and answers you can practice:

Question: What does CPU stand for?

a) Central Processing Unit

b) Computer Programming Unit

c) Control Panel Utility

d) Central Program Unit

Answer: a) Central Processing Unit

Question: Which programming language is known for its use in web development?

a) Java

b) Python


d) Pascal

Answer: c) HTML

Question: What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 10?

a) 0010

b) 1000

c) 1010

d) 1100

Answer: c) 1010

Question: Which of the following is an input device?

a) Monitor

b) Keyboard

c) Printer

d) Speaker

Answer: b) Keyboard

Question: What is the primary function of an operating system?

a) Word processing

b) Managing hardware resources

c) Web browsing

d) Graphic design

Answer: b) Managing hardware resources

Question: Which of the following is a secondary storage device?

a) RAM

b) CPU

c) Hard Disk Drive

d) Monitor

Answer: c) Hard Disk Drive

Question: What does the acronym “HTTP” stand for?

a) HyperText Transfer Protocol

b) High Tech Text Processor

c) Host Transfer To Printer

d) Home Tool Transfer Protocol

Answer: a) HyperText Transfer Protocol

Question: Which of the following file extensions is associated with a video file?

a) .doc

b) .jpg

c) .mp4

d) .html

Answer: c) .mp4

Question: What is the primary function of a firewall in computer security?

a) Protect against malware

b) Block unauthorized access

c) Speed up internet connection

d) Improve system performance

Answer: b) Block unauthorized access

Question: Which computer component stores data even when the power is turned off?

a) CPU

b) RAM

c) Hard Disk Drive

d) ROM

Answer: d) ROM

Question: What is the maximum value that can be represented with 8 bits in binary?

a) 127

b) 256

c) 255

d) 128

Answer: c) 255

Question: Which of the following is an open-source operating system?

a) Windows

b) macOS

c) Linux

d) Android

Answer: c) Linux

Question: What is the purpose of the “Ctrl + C” keyboard shortcut?

a) Copy

b) Cut

c) Paste

d) Undo

Answer: a) Copy

Question: What does GUI stand for in the context of computer interfaces?

a) Graphical User Interface

b) General User Interface

c) Global Usage Interface

d) Graphical Utility Interface

Answer: a) Graphical User Interface

Question: Which programming language is often used for data analysis and scientific computing?

a) Java

b) C++

c) R

d) Ruby

Answer: c) R

Question: What is the purpose of an IP address?

a) To identify a computer’s location on the internet

b) To store files and documents

c) To control the computer’s hardware

d) To play video games

Answer: a) To identify a computer’s location on the internet

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