JAMB Physics Questions For Day One 2023 | UTME CBT Questions And Answers

The entire 2023 JAMB Physics Questions for the Day One have been carefully made available online.

As usual, a lot of persons have been searching for the questions that were asked by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for the 2023 examination.

If your examination date for the JAMB 2023 did not fall into the first day of the examination, then you are the luckiest candidate. You now stand the chance to see the already asked questions before your own date.

This will help you to know the nature of the question for the JAMB 2023 and be able to solve the entire question should any of the question be repeated.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you the entire physics questions for the first day of the UTME 2023. If you are a science student that has been preparing for the examination, I advise you to take every information that you are going to see in this site very serious.

You have to take advantage of this opportunity and score better that every other candidate by checking the questions and answers.

2023 JAMB Physics Questions for Day One

The physics questions for the day one of the 2022 JAMB are as follow:

1. Vibration in a stretched spring cannot be polarized because they are

A. stationary waves

B. tranverse waves

C. longitudinal waves

D. mechanical waves

2. The colours in soap bubbles are due to

A. diffraction

B. refraction

C. dispersion

D. interference

3. The phenomenon that makes sound waves persist when its source has been removed is known as

A. acoustic vibration

B. rarefaction

C. echo

D. reverberation

4. The property that is propagated in travelling wave is

A. frequency

B. amplitude

C. energy

D. wavelength

5. Which of the following eye defects can be corrected using a cylindrical lens?

A. Myopia

B. Astigmatism

C. Presbyopia

D. Chromatic aberration

6. Transverse waves can be distinguished from longitudinal waves using the characteristics of

A. polarization

B. reflection

C. refraction

D. diffraction

7. The cost of running five 60W lamps and four lamps for 20 hours, if electrical energy costs N10.00 per kwhr is

A. N280.00

B. N160.00 C.


D. N140.00

8. A working electric motor takes a current of 1.5A when the P.D across it is 250V. If the efficiency is 80% the power output is

A. 300W

B. 469W

C. 133W

D. 4.8W

9. X-rays can be used in the study of crystals. structure because they

A. are invisible

B. are very fast

C. have an extremely short wave length.

D. have a very long reaching wave length.

10. Fluorescent tubes produce light by the

A. thermal agitation of electron in the tube

B. refraction of light by gas C. excitation of gas molecules

D. conduction of solar energy.

11. An a.c circuit of E.M.F 12V has a resistor of resistance 8Ω connected in series to an inductor of inductive resistance 16Ω and a capacitor of capacitive resistance 10Ω. The current flow in the circuit is A. 14A

B. 12A

C. 1.4A

D. 1.2A

12. The image of a real object formed by a convex mirror will likely be ___, ____, and ____?

  1. Blur, Virtual and diminished
  2. Erect, Virtual, and Diminished
  3. Virtual, diminished, and imaginary
  4. Real, Virtual and magnified

13. An a.c circuit of the energy stored in an inductor of inductance 5mH when a current of 6A flows through it is

A. 1.4 x 10²J

B. 1.8 x 10²J

C. 9.0 x 102J

D. 9.0 x 10³J

14. To protect a material from the influence of an external magnetic field, the material should be kept in a

A. soft iron ring

B. square steel ring

C. Loop of copper wire

D. triangular zinc.

15. A steady current of 2A flows in a coil of E.M.F 12V for 0.4s. A back E.M.F of 3V was induced during this period. The stored energy in the Loop that can be utilised is

A. 12.0J

B. 9.6J

C. 7.2J

D. 2.4J

16. A cell of internal resistance r supplies current to a 6.0Ω resistor and its efficiency is 75%. Find the value of r.

A. 4.5Ω

B. 1.0Ω

C. 8.0Ω

D. 2.0Ω

17. The thermometric substance of an absolute thermometer is

A. alcohol

B. mercury

C. helium

D. platinum

18. The particle emitted when 1939K decays to 2039K is

A. gamma

B. Beta

C. electrons

D. Alpha

19. At resonance the phase angle in a circuit is

A. 90°

B. 60°

C. 0°

D. 180°

20. A transistor functions mainly as

A. switch and amplifier

B. rectifier and an amplifier

C. charge storer and an amplifier

D. charge storer and a switch.

21. The process of energy production in the sun is

A. nuclear fission

B. nuclear fusion

C. electron collision

D. radioactive decay.

22. An electric generator with a power output of 3.0kw at a voltage of 1.5KV distributes power along cables of total resistance 20Ω. The power loss in the cable is

A. 0W

B. 10W

C. 40W

D. 80W

23. Which of the following electromagnetic waves is least energetic?

A. Infra-red rays

B. X rays

C. ultra-violet rays

D. Gamma rays

24. A car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25ms¹ in a second. The power developed in the engine is

A. 1.25 x 104 W

B. 2.50 x 104 W

C. 12.5 x 104 W

D. 2.50 x 106 W

25. A ball of mass 0.1kg is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 10ms¹ from the top of tower 10m high. Neglecting air resistance, its total energy just before hitting the ground is

A. 5J

B. 10 J

C. 15J

D. 20J

[g=10ms [g = 10ms ²]


resistance diagram

The total resistance in the diagram above is

A. 18 Ω

B. 11 Ω

C. 4 Ω

D. 2 Ω

27. The most suitable type of mirror for constructing searchlight is

A. concave mirror

B. convex mirror

C. spherical mirror

D. parabolic mirror

28. How many grams of water at 170°c must be added to 42g of ice at 0°c to melt the ice completely?

A. 200g

B. 300g

C. 320g

D. 400g

[5HI fusion of ice = 3.4 x 105 Jkg ¹] [5HC water = 4200Jkg ¹ k’]

29. An 800W heater is used to heat 0.6kg of water from 25°C to 100°C in t1 second. If another 1000W heater is used to heat 0.2kg of water from 10°C to 100°C in t2 second, Find t1/t2

A. 50

B. 5

C. 5/4

D 5/5

30. A gas has a volume of 100cm³ at 27°C. If it is heated to a temperature until a final volume of 120cm³ is attained, calculate T.

A. 33°C

B. 60°C

C. 87°C

D. 114°C.

31. The total electrical energy consumed by using an electric cooker rated 100W for 5 hours is

A. 5.3 x 103 J

B. 6.5 x 10³ J

C. 1.8 x 107 J

D. 2.3 x 107 J

32. Three electrical cells each of e.m.f 1.5V and internal resistance 1.0Ω are connected in 1.0Ω parallel across an external resistance of 2/3Ω. Calculate the value of current in the resistor.

A. 0.5A

B. 0.9A

C. 1.5A

D. 4.5A

33. The electromagnetic waves that are sensible to temperature changes are

A. X-rays

B. Gamma rays

C. Ultraviolet rays

D. Infra red rays

34. The half life of an element is 9 days. What fraction has decayed in 36 days?

A. 16

B. 114

C. 2

D. 15/16

35. The resultant capacitance in the figure below

capacitance diagram

A. 15µF

B. 9µF

C. 13µF

D. 0.8µF

36. The primary wind of a transformer has 400 turns and its secondary has 100 turns. If a source of e.m.f 12V is applied to the primary, the secondary e.m.f will be

A. 3V

B. 6V

C. 24V

D. 48V

37. A 12V battery has an internal resistance of 0.5Ω. If a cable of 1.0Ω is connected across the two terminals of the battery, the current drawn from the battery is

A. 16A

B. 8A

C. 0.8A

D. 0.4A

38. Which of the following is the exclusive property of a traverse wave?

A. Diffraction

B. Refraction

C. Compression

D. Polarisation

39. The equation PX V J’ is a constant of Charle’s law when

A. x = 1, y= -1, z = 1

B. x = 0, y = 1, z = -1.

C. x = J, y = 0, z = -1

D. x = 0, y = 1, z = J

40. A certain radio isotopes of U emits 92 four alpha particles and three beta particles. The mass numbers of resulting element respectively are

A. 219 & 87

B. 84 & 223

C. 223 & 87

D. 219 & 81.

41. A capacitor of 8µf is charged to a p.d of 100V. The energy stored in the capacitor is

A. 1.0 x 104J

B. 8.0 x 10-2J

C. 1.25 x 10³J

D. 4.0 x 10²J

42. Which of the following apparatus will require the smallest fuse rating for its protection?

A. 60W, 240V

B. 60W, 40V

C. 40W, 12V

D. 40W, 5V

43. A wire of length 15m made of a material of resistivity 1.8 x 10-6Ωm has a resistance of 0.2Ω. Determine the area of the wire

A. 1.5 x 10-4

B. 1.0 x 10-4

C. 2.7 x 10-5

D. 7.3 x 10-6

44. When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, it has

A. no charge at all

B. a negative charge

C. a positive charge

D. negative and positive charges

45. The angle between the direction of the earth’s magnetic field and the horizontal is called

A. Angle of deviation

B. magnetic declination

C. magnetic meridian

D. angle of dip

46. Which of the following characteristics of wave is used in the measurement of the depth of the sea?

A. Diffusion

B. Interference

C. Refraction

D. Reflection.

46. A machine requires 1000J of work to raise a load of 500N through a vertical distance of 1.5m. Calculate the efficiency of the machine.

A. 80%

B. 75%

C. 50%

D. 33%

47. A man weighing 800N climbs a flight of stairs to a height 15m in 12.5s. What is the man’s average power output?

A. 667W


C. 960W

D. 15000W

48. A body starts from rest and moves with uniform acceleration of 6ms-2. What distance does it cover in the third second?

A. 15m

B. 18m

C. 27m

D. 30m

49. If a tuned radio reverses R,L,C series circuit for resonance, the inductive resistance and the capacitive resistance XL and XC respectively are related as

A. XL =2XC

B. XL = XC

C. XL = 1/2 XC

D. XL = 1/ XC

50. Find the magnification of the image that will be produced when an object is placed 32cm from a concave mirror of focal length 16cm.

A. 0.06cm

B. 107cm

C. 10.7cm

D. 45cm

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Answers to the 2023 JAMB Physics Questions for the First Day

Having seen all the questions that was asked by JAMB for the first day, it is time for you to know about the answers to the questions.

As a serious candidate who is aiming to score above 300 in the 2023 UTME, what you are expected to do is to bend down and be solving those question that I have shown you.

It is expected that you should solve and master the questions very well in such a way that if any of the question is being repeated, you would be able solve it without any delay.

In case you are unable to solve any of the given questions by yourself and you would want to see the solved ones, always keep refreshing this page as some of the answers will be uploaded on this page as soon as possible.


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JAMB Physics Past Questions and Answers for 2022

In this section of the article, I am going to show you also some of the questions that were asked in physics for 2022. It is also necessary that you study the past questions carefully.

Going through these questions will help you to have more knowledge about JAMB ways of selecting questions and the required solutions to the selected questions.

The following are the 2022 JAMB physics past questions and answers:

1. A car accelerates uniformly from 18.5 m/s to 46.1 m/s in 2.47s.

i. At what rate is the car accelerating?

  1. 11.17m/s2
  2. 2.47m/s2
  3. 46.1m/s2
  4. 18.5m/s2

The correct answer is 11.17m/s2 (Option A)

ii. Calculate the total distance traveled by car.

  1. 78.8m
  2. 46.1m
  3. 21.1m
  4. 79.8m

The correct answer is 79.8m (Option D)

2. Electrical charge can be best calculated using___?

  1. Q = It
  2. V = IR
  3. I = V/R
  4. R = V/I

The correct answer Q = It (Option A)

3. Which of these obeys Ohm’s Law?

  1. Diode only
  2. Glass
  3. All metals
  4. All electrolytes

The correct answer is All metals (Option C)

4. The study of motion is known as_____?

  1. Kinematics
  2. Kinetics
  3. Dynamic
  4. Static

The correct answer is Kinematics (Option A)

5. A car that was initially at rest accelerated uniformly for 5.21s for a distance of 110m. What is the acceleration of the car?

  1. 41m/s2
  2. 81.0m/s2
  3. 8.10m/s2
  4. 79m/s2

The correct answer is 8.10 m/s2 (Option C)

More Questions and Answers Loading……

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Tips on How to Solve JAMB Physics Question and Score High

While solving JAMB Physics questions just like the Mathematics, you must have noticed that sometimes, you can solve a particular question especially those that involve calculation in different ways and still get almost all the different options A-D.

This mostly happens when you are not sure of the actual formulae to use in arriving to the accurate answer. It will cause you to try solving the question by guess work.

Solving physics or mathematics by trial and error method is not advisable if you really wish to come the best in your examination.

I have specially prepared this section of the article to help you overcome some errors encountered while trying to solve physics questions in JAMB examination.

A number of tips that I have given here will help you in tackling physics questions and as well get very high score at the end of the examination.

  1. Quickly recall the topic in which the question was brought from.
  2. Get used to the required formulas and the derivatives.
  3. Read the questions very well before you start solving any.
  4. State your terms given appropriately.
  5. Follow the required steps in order, from the first to the last.
  6. Before you approximate any figure, check the answers, significant figures.
  7. Make sure that you get the correct answer to the question.

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Reasons Why JAMB Candidates Score Low in Physics

Failure to apply the tips that are given the previous section plus other factors are what causes poor performance in physics by JAMB candidates.

You have to take note of things that I will show you here and try as much as possible to avoid falling into the traps. They are the things that will bring your physics score very low, beyond your expectation.

Lack of understanding of the questions

Supply the right answer to the questions requires a good understanding the asked questions. Some candidates make the mistake of delving into solving questions when they have not really understand the question.

Maybe the questions look interesting and familiar. It is not always advisable to follow such assumptions. Do not start solving until you get good knowledge of what the question is talking about.

Not reading the question very well.

As I have told you in the previous section, always read your questions very well before you start to answer. They are some terms in a question that you may skip by mistake as a result of not reading carefully.

Solving Calculations with Fear.

Whenever you enter the examination hall, approach the asked questions with confidence. You may not know the entire questions but when you have that confidence without fearing, you will be able to solve the ones that you know.

While you are solving those ones that you know very well, more ideas about those that you do not know will be coming into your brain, thereby scoring high in the examination.

Not knowing how to derive formulas.

Like mathematics, physics also require many formulas for you to excel. Solving very well in physics require that you have good knowledge of physics formulas.

If you do not much about the mathematical aspect of physics, definitely you are not going to make a good result in JAMB physics.

Again, you should also note that knowing formulas in one thing while knowing the techniques of the application is another thing.

As a physics student, you should be able have a good knowledge of formulas, the derivations and how to apply them in solving calculation. This is what will make you to have a good result at the end.

Going into the examination hall late.

As it is always said that “punctuality is the sole of every business”, so it is applicable to even going for examination. If you are able get to the examination centre/hall at the appropriate time, you settle very before the exam starts and you won’t have battle with examination tension.

Preparing the examination without past questions:

It is always good to take time and challenge yourself thoroughly before going to any examination. The use of past questions while preparing your JAMB examination is the best personal challenge that you can take.

It will help you to get used to physics questions and overcome examination tension during the examination.

Poor Management of time

Time management is of utmost important for the success of any examination. Learn to apply good time management so that you won’t be in hurry and forget all that you can even solve with ease.

It is during the process of answering past questions while at the preparation stage that you learn how to manage your time during the main examination.

Not finishing your questions completely

Submitting unfinished examination is most time as a result of poor time management. Maintain good concentration as you solve your questions.

Always try to finish all the questions and ensure that you avoid anything that will cause you to submit your examination before the time, either by mistake or intentionally.

I hope that you have found this article helpful. If you have any question or comment about the JAMB Physics Question for the First Day 2023, kindly use the comment section below.

Do well to share this information with your friends.

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