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JAMB Mathematics Questions And Answers 2024

If you have been searching for the best JAMB Mathematics Questions and Answers for the 2024 examination, you do not have to worry anymore. The most reliable solution to all your worries is finally here. Just take your time and carefully explore this article.

In this article, I am going to reveal to you the secret (EXPO) to the 2024 JAMB Mathematics questions and answers. Make sure that you do not joke with the information contained in this article if you really want to score above 300 in the forthcoming UTME.

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The questions and answers presented in this article have just been released for the benefit of all candidates that will be participating in the 2024 JAMB examination. Therefore, if you are interested in having access to the correct mathematics questions and answers for JAMB 2024, kindly read this article to the end.

JAMB Mathematics Questions For 2024

The following questions are what every candidate who will be writing mathematics in the 2024 UTME exercise should expect:

1. Multiply 2.7 × 10-4 by 6.3 × 106 and leave your answer in standard form.

A. 1.7 × 103

B. 1.70 × 103

C. 1.701 x 103

D. 17.01 x 103

2. If 9(2-x) = 3, find x.

A. 1

B. 3/2

C. 2

D. 5/2

3. In what number base is the addition 465 + 24+ 225 = 1050?

A. ten

B. nine

C. eight

D. seven

4. Simplify: 1 7/8 X 2 2/5 / 6 ¾ / ¾

A. 9

B. 4 ½

C. 2

D. ½

5. If Un = (n² + 1), evaluate U5 – U4.

A. 18

B. 56

C. 62

D. 80

6. If √50 – K√8  = 2/√2find K.

A. -2

B. -1

C. 1

D. 2

7. A sales boy gave a change of N68 instead of N72. Calculate his percentage error.

A. 4%

B. 5 5/9%

C. 5 15/17%

D. 7%

8. Four oranges sell for Nx and three mangoes sell for Ny. Olu bought 24 oranges and 12 mangoes. How much did he pay in terms of x and y?

A. N(4x+6y)

B. N(6x+4y)

C. N(24x + 12y)

D. N(12x + 24y).

9. Simplify: x2-y2/(x+y)2 / (x-y)2/(3x+3y)

A. x-y/3

B. x + y

C. 3/r-y

D. x-y

10. Solve the inequality: 2x-5 /5 < (2-x)

A. x>0

B. x< ¼

C. x>2 ½

D. x<2 ¼


11. If x=64 and y = 27, evaluate: x1/2 – y1/3 / y-x2/3

A. 2 ⅕

B. 1

C. 5/11

D. 11/43

30. If 2logx (3 3/8 )=6, find the value of x.

A. 2/3

B. 4/3

C. 2/3

D. ½

jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions

31. IfP= {y: 2y≥6} and Q= {y: y-34}, where y is an integer, find PՈQ.

A. {3,4}

B. {3, 7}

C. {3, 4, 5, 6, 7}

D. {4, 5, 6}

32. Find the values of k in the equation 6k2 = 5k + 6.

A. {-2/3,-3/2}

B. {-2/3, 3/2}

C. {2/3,-3/2}

D. {2/3,3/2}

33. If y varies directly as the square root of (x + 1) and y = 6 when x = 3, find x when y = 9.

A. 8

B. 7

C. 6

D. 5

34. The graph of the relation y = x2+2x+ k passes through the point (2, 0). Find the value of k.

A. 0

B. -2

C. -4

D. -8

jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions
jamb mathematics questions

45. Given that P=x2+4x-2, Q=2x-1 and Q-P=2, find x.

Λ. -2

B. -1

C. 1

D. 2

46. A pyramid has a rectangular base with dimensions 12 m by 8 m. If its height is 14 m, calculate the volume.

A. 344 m3

B. 448 m3

C. 632

D. 840

47. The slant height of a cone is 5 cm and the radius of its base is 3 cm.

Find, correct to the nearest whole number, the volume of the cone.

[Таkе π = 22/7].

A. 48 cm³

B. 47 cm³

C. 38 cm³

D. 13 cm³

48. The distance between two towns is 50 km. It is represented on a map by 5 cm. Find the scale used.

A. 1: 1,000,000

B. 1:500,000

C. 1: 100,000

D. 1: 10,000

49. Given that (x+2)(x2-3x+2)+2(x+2)(x-1)=(x+2) M, find M.

A. (x+2)2

B. x(x+2)

C. x²+2

D. x2-x

50. An open cone with base radius 28 cm and perpendicular height 96 cm was stretched to form a sector of a circle. Calculate the area of the sector. [Take π = 22/7]

A. 8800 cm²

B. 8448 cm²

C. 4400 cm²

D. 4224 cm²

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JAMB Mathematics Answers 2024

Now that you have seen the complete JAMB Mathematics question for the 2024 examination, it is time to show you the correct answers to all the given questions.

  1. 2.7 x 10-4  X 6.3 x 106

17.01×102 = 1.701×103

Ans = C


9(2-x) = 3

32(2-x) = 31

2(2-x) = 1

4-2x = 1

-2x = 1-4

-2x = -1

X = ½  Ans = B

3. Answer = A

4. Answer = ½ (D)

5. B

6. √50 – k√8 = 2/√2

√50 – 2/√2 = k√8

K = (√50 – 2/√2) / √8

            = 7.07-1.41/2.83 = 5.66/2.83 = 2

Ans = D


∂ = [(ua – ue)/ue] x 100%

(72-68)/68 X100%

4/68 x 100% = 5.88%

Ans = B


Four Oranges = Nx

            Three Mangoes = Ny

N(6x + 4y)

Ans = B

9. A

10. Ans = C


X = 64, y = 27


641/2 – 271/3 /27 – 642/3

= 5/19 = 0.256

Ans = D

12. Ans = A

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Secrets To Scoring High in JAMB Mathematics

Most times, JAMB candidates feel that mathematics is the most difficult subject to pass in UTME. This is because they are still ignorant of the key secrets to answering the question correctly.

On the other hand, there are still other candidates who find mathematics very interesting, thereby scoring a very high JAMB. The application of the basic secrets that I am going to share with you here will make you join the league of those that score 100% in the JAMB mathematics examination.

1. Read with Syllable

The JAMB Mathematics Syllable is a specially adopted compass to guide every candidate that will be writing mathematics in the 2024 JAMB Examination. With the syllable, you cannot get confused on which area to concentrate while reading for the examination.

It is important to note that the key to scoring high in JAMB mathematics and any other subjects is to streamline your reading to those areas that have been stipulated by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board according to the syllable.

Ensure that you have finished studying those given topics before the date of the examination to avoid finding some of the questions very strange while writing the exam.

2. Consult Different Mathematics Textbooks

A good student is not one who solely depends on one textbook to acquire all the needed knowledge about a particular subject. It is a good practice to read many textbooks, compare them, and get a better understanding during your preparation for JAMB mathematics.

Although JAMB usually recommends some textbooks that you are expected to focus more on, you still have to explore more ideas from different scholars.

3. Practice More Exercises

As you read your mathematics textbooks, be reminded that Mathematics is not like other subjects like Biology and Chemistry that you can just read line by line and drop after.

It is required that you constantly practice all that you are reading in form of exercise. This practice will test whether you are really understanding what you are reading or not.

This is also the most important secret to gaining confidence in solving JAMB mathematics questions. Even if you practice the exercises and do not get them correctly, a continuous trial will make you stronger, better, and smarter at tackling any kind of question.

4. Embrace the Use of Past Questions

Another important secret to getting a good score in JAMB Mathematics is the use of past questions. It is quite synonymous to the aforementioned point, Practice More Exercises, as they both get the candidate better equipped for the main examination.

One of the advantages of using past questions to study during the preparation for the JAMB Mathematics examination is that candidates will be able to identify any questions that were repeated from previous years. In such a case, the questions automatically become part of the bonuses for the candidate.

With the above secrets well put into practice, you are definitely going to get a good score in the JAMB mathematics.

See Also: How to Get Admission with a Low UTME Score.

I hope that the information contained in this article has helped you. In case you have any other questions about JAMB Mathematics Questions and Answers 2024, kindly make use of the comment section below.

Do well to share this article to others.

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