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2023 WAEC Physics Objective Questions

The following are the expected 2023 WAEC Physics objective questions and their respective answers.

1. Three capacitors each of capacitance 18µf are connected in series. Calculate the effective capacitance.

A. 54µf

B. 18 µf

C. 6µf

D. 0.17uf

2. Two spheres of masses 100kg and 90kg respectively have their centres separated by a distance 1.0m. Calculate the magnitude of the force of attraction between them

(a= 6.70 x 10-‘l Nm² kg²).

A.6.70 x 10’N

B. 6.70 x 10-1ºN

C. 6.03 x 10-10N

D. 6.03 x 107N

3. Local action is normally prevented in a simple electric cell by

A. introducing an oxidizing agent in the acid

B. not drawing current continuously for a long period.

C. amalgamating the surface of the plate

D. using a porous pot to isolate from the acid.

4. The lead acid accumulator consists of

A. lead as the positive electrode

B. lead oxide as the negative electrode

C. Hydrochloric acid as the electrolyte

D. Tetraoxosulphate (II) acid as electrolyte.

5. The boiling point of naphthalene is 78°c. What is the temperature in Kelvin?

A. 100k

B. 351k

C. 378k

D. 444k

6. The current in reversed biased junction is due to

A. majority carriers

B. hole

C. minority carriers

D. electrons.

7. When impurities are added to semi-conductors, the conductivity of the semi-conductors

A. increases

B. decreases

C. remains constant

D. increases then decreases.

8. The time it will take a certain radioactive material with a half-life of 80 days to reduce to 1/32 of its original number is

A. 180 days

B. 200 days

C. 250 days

D. 300 days

9. If two inductors of inductances 3H and 6H are arranged in series, the total inductance is

А. О.5H

В. 2.0Н

С. 9.0Н

D. 18H

10. The amount of energy released when 0.5kg of uranium is burn completely is

A. 1.5 x 10¹J

B. 4.5 x 108J

C. 1.5 x 10¹6J

D. 4.5 x 10¹6J

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11. The north pole of a magnet can never be separated from the South Pole because of a property as

A. magnetic monopole

B. magnetic dipole

C. magnetic quadrupole

D. magnetic octopole

12. An electric device is rated 2000W, 250V. The correct fuse rating of the device is

A. 6A

B. 7A

C. 8A

D. 9A

13. The ray which causes gas molecules to glow is known as

A. gamma ray

B. molecule ray

C. cathode ray

D. anode ray

14. Marching soldiers crossing a suspension bridge are usually advised to break their steps to avoid damaging the bridge owing to

A. Resonance

B. Swinging

C. Vibration

D. Oscillation


capacitor diagram

The figure here shows 3 capacitors connected in series. The potential difference across 6uf capacitor is

A. 2V

B. 4V

C. 6V

D. 12V

16. The electric field intensity in a place where a charge of 10-10 C experiences a force of 0.4N is

A. 8.0 x10°NC-¹

B. 4.0 x 10°NC ¹

C. 4.0 x 10-NC-¹

D. 8.0 x 10-¹2NC-¹

17. Satellite communication makes use of

A. sound waves

B. radio waves

C. infra-red rays

D. Visible light

18. The velocity of sound in air will be doubled if its absolute temperature is

A. halved

B. doubled

C. quadrupled

D. constant

19. The process whereby the molecules of different substances move randomly is called

A. Osmosis

B. Capillary

C. Diffusion

D. Surface-tension

20. The process whereby a liquid turns spontaneously into vapour is called

A. boiling

B. evaporation

C. sublimation

D. regelation.

21. 23592 U +10n           144 56 Ba + 9036Kr +2 X.

In the reaction, X is

A. proton

B. neutron

C. electron

D. neutrino

22. The resistance of a piece of wire of length 20m and cross sectional area 8 x 106 m² is

A. 0.5ohm

B. 1.0ohm

C. 3.0ohm

D. 10.0ohm

(resistivity of wire = 4 x 10-7 ohmm)

23. ………….. is the value of F when in equilibrium in the diagram below.

equilibrium diagram

A. 27N

B. 20N

C. 12N

D. 10N


equilibrium of forces

With the above diagram, if the system is in equilibrium, the tension in the string Q is

A. 4N

B. 6N

C. 9N

D. 11N

25. A force of 200N acts between two objects at a certain distance apart. The value of the force when the distance is

A. 500N

B. 400N

C. 200N

D. 100N

26. The particle and wave nature of matter are demonstrated in the equation

A. λ= c/f

B. λ = 2dsin0

C. λ = hc/E

D. λ = h/p

27. A radio isotope has a decay constant of 10-75-¹. The average life of the isotope is

A. 1.00 x 10-75

B. 1.00 x 1015

C. 6.93 x 1075

D. 6.93 x 1065

28. X-rays can be used in the study of crystals structure because they

A. are invisible

B. are very fast

C. have an extremely short wave length.

D. have a very long reaching wave length.

29. Fluorescent tubes produce light by the

A. thermal agitation of electron in the tube

B. refraction of light by gas

C. excitation of gas molecules

D. conduction of solar energy.

30. An a.c circuit of E.M.F 12V has a resistor of resistance 892 connected in series to an inductor of inductive resistance 160 and a capacitor of capacitive resistance 109. The current flow in the circuit is

A. 14A

B. 12A

C. 1.4A

D. 1.2A

31. If a tuned radio receives R,L,C series circuit for resonance, the inductive resistance and capacitive resistance X₁ and X respectively are related as

A. X₁ = 2 X

B. X₁ =XC

C. X = 2 X

D. X₁ = 1/xc

32. An a.c circuit of the energy stored in an inductor of inductance 5mH when a current of 6A flows through it is

A. 1.4 x 10²J

B. 1.8 x 10²J

C. 9.0 x 10-2J

D. 9.0 x 10J

33. To protect a material from the influence of an external magnetic field, the material should be kept in a

A. soft iron ring

B. square steel ring

C. Loop of copper wire

D. triangular zinc.

34. A steady current of 2A flows in a coil of E.M.F 12V for 0.4s. A back E.M.F of 3V was induced during this period. The stored energy in the Loop that can be utilised is

A. 12.0J

B. 9.6J

C. 7.2J

D. 2.4J


resistance diagram

In this diagram, the ratio of the electric power dissipated in the 692 and 392 resistors respectively is

A. 1:2

B. 1:3

C. 2:1

D. 2:3

36. A cell whose internal resistance is 0.592 delivers a current of 4A to an external resistor. The last voltage of the cell is

A. 0.125V

B. 1.250V

C. 2.00V

D. 8.00V

37. Given three capacitors 0.3uf, 0.5uf, 0.2μf, the joint capacitance when arranged to give minimum capacitance is

A. 1.0uf

B. 0.5uf



38. The instrument used for securing a large number of similar charges by induction is called

A. electroscope

B. proof plane

C. capacitor

D. electrophorus.

39. The pitch of a sound note depends on

A. frequency

B. quality

C. timbre

D. harmonics

40. In which of the following materials media would sound travel fastest?

A. Gas

B. Water

C. Oil

D. Metal

41. In a Daniel cell, the depolariser, positive and negative electrodes are respectively

A. Copper sulphate, copper zinc

B. Manganese dioxide, carbon and zinc

C. Sulphuric acid, lead oxide and lead.

D. potassium hydroxide, nickel and iron.

42. Tea pots are often silver-coated to prevent heat loss by

A. Convection only

B. Conduction only

C. Radiation only

D. Convection and Conduction.

43. If the angle between two vectors P and Q is 0°, the vectors are said to

A. be parallel

B. perpendicular

C. intersect at angle 45°

D. intersect at angle 60°

44. A body of mass 4kg is acted on by a constant force of 12N for 3s. The kinetic energy gained by the body at the end of the time is

A. 72J

B. 81J

C. 144J

D. 162J

45. As the pressure of a fluid increases, its viscosity

A. Increases

B. Decreases

C. Remains constant

D. Increases then decreases.

46. A machine whose efficiency is 60% has a velocity ratio of 5. If a force of 500rt is applied to lift a load P, what is the magnetide of P?

A. 500N

B. 750N

C. 1500N

D. 4166N

47. The diagram shows 4N, 6N, 10N and 8N which act at a point O in the directions indicated.

The net horizontal force is

A. 53N

B. 753N

C. 13N

D. 7N

48. The change in volume when 480kg of ice is completely melted is

A. 4.5m³

B. 0.5m³

C. 0.45m³

D. 0.05m³

(density of ice = 900kgm³, density of water = 100kg m³)

49. If a force stretches a wire from 20m to 20.01m, what is the amount of force required to stretch the same material from 20m to 20.05m?

A. 50N

B. 100N

C. 200N

D. 250N

50. When left in a freezer, a bottle full of water cracks on freezing into ice because of the

A. contraction of the bottle

B. decrease in the volume of water

C. increase in the volume of water

D. expansion of the bottle.

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2023 WAEC Physics Theory Questions

  1. (a) Define specific heat and calorie.
  2. (b) Find the mass of a steel with specific heat capacity of 330J/kgk, if the temperature is raised from an immersion heater of 15°C to 60°C with a current of 16.77A from 50.6V and the time taken being 1hr 15mins.
  3. (c) Describe how you would compare approximately the rate at which a given gas ring and electric hot plate can supply heat to a vessel placed on each of them.
  4. (a) i. What is meant by the caloric value of a solid fuel?

ii. Explain the terms (i) thermal capacity (ii) water equivalent.

  • (b) Distinguish between the heat capacity of a body and the specific heat capacity of a substance.
  • 32g of water at 60°C is poured into 60g of cold water at 12°C, which is contained in a calorimeter of mass 40 g, and specific heat capacity of 0.1J/gk. Neglecting loss of heat, show that the final resulting temperature is 29°C.003 bm024
  • (a) Explain what is meant by

(i) the expansion of water whose rise in temperature is anomalous

(ii) water has a high heat capacity!

(b) A piece of metal of mass 50g heated to 100°C is dropped into 200g of water at 14°C in copper calorimeter weighing 80g and raises the temperature to 70°C. What is the heat capacity of the piece of metal? [Specific heat capacity=0.4J/gk]

(c) i. Give account of an experiment of refraction on liquid and water. ii. What is (i) apparent depth (ii) real depth?

4. (a) The refractive index of glass and water with respect to air are and 4/3 respectively. What is the refractive index of glass to water.

(b) i. Show that when a ray is refracted through a dense medium to a denser medium, the refractive index changes.

ii. Name five applications of total internal reflection. 9. (i)What is meant by total internal reflection and critical angle?

Give two factors affecting total internal reflection

(c) i. Find the refractive index of a prism, when a light ray is incidented on the prism of angle 45° and if the refracting angle of the prism is 60°

ii. Find the thickness of a prism of refractive index of 1.5, if the prism displacement of the object is 1.3m. 12(a)

(d) i. State the laws of refraction of light.

(ii) Describe an experiment to determine the refractive index n of the material of an equilateral triangle glass prism using the minimum deviation method.

  • (a) i. State Lenz’s law.

ii. State the essential conditions for the production of an induced e.m.f in a conductor. What determines its magnitude?

(b) i. State Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Draw a labelled diagram of a simple step-up transformer.

ii. Current from the secondary transformer working 240v AC main, the voltage required across the primary side is 96kv. Assuming that the transformer is 100% effective, what ratio of number of turns on the secondary to number of turns in the primary is needed in its windings?

(c) i. What is eddy current? Explain how it could be reduced.

ii. A rectangular coil of wire attached to a commutator rotates between the poles of a permanent magnet to form a dynamo. What is (i) the position of the coil when the e.m.f is greatest (ii) the function of the commutator.

  • Find the power wasted as internal energy in bundle conductor, when 10kw is transmitted through the bundled conductor of resistance 0.592 at 200v
  • Describe with the aid of a diagram, an experiment to induce a current in a coil of wire and indicate the direction of the current.
  • (i) State the laws of electromagnetic induction. (ii) Describe a simple experiment to show how an induced e.m.f can be produced.

2023 WAEC Physics Theory Answers

1a. Specific Heat Capacity of a substance can be defined as the quantity of heat supplied or required to raise the temperature of a unit mass of 1kg through a unit rise in temperature of 1kelvin.

Calorie can be defined as the unit of energy.

Solution to 1b

t = 1 hr 15mins

1 hr = 60 x 60 = 3600 sec –

15 mins = 15 x 60 = 900 secs –

t = 3600+ 900 = 4500secs

I= 16.77A, V= 50.6V

M=?, C = 330J/kgk

0₂= 60°C, 01=15°C

Using the principle of electrical method, heat loss by the heater – heat gained by the solid

Q = Mc [0₂-0₁]

Ivt = Mc [0₂-0₁]

= 16.77 x 50.6 x 4500 = m x 330 [60 – 15]

= 3818529 = m x 330 x 45

m = 3818529/330 x 45 

3818529 /14850

m = 257.14kg

The mass of the solid is 257.14kg

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