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NECO Agric Questions And Answers 2023 | Essay And Objectives

NECO Agric Questions and Answers for 2023 is here

The complete NECO Agric Questions and Answers for 2023 is what I am going to reveal to you in this article. Do not leave this page if you are a candidate of this examination and you would like to see the complete questions and answers before the time of the examination.

I have discovered that a lot of NECO Agricultural Science Candidate have been searching so hard to see what the National Examination Council (NECO) is going to set in the agric. Examination for 2023 June/July examination.

For this reason, I gone a long way to get the complete NECO Agric Questions with the correct answers for the 2023 examination. This is to assist those who are ready to have excellent result at the end of the examination.

If you are sure that you will be sitting for this examination or that you have someone who is going to write the examination and you would like to get more detail about the NECO Agric Questions and Answers for 2023, make sure that you  read this article from the beginning to the end.

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NECO Agric Questions and Answers for 2023

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NECO Agric Objective Questions for 2023

This section of the article is made up of the objective questions for 2022 NECO Agricultural Science examination. They include the following:

1. Land Use Act contributes to the success of agriculture in Nigeria by

A. allocating farmlands to co-operatives

B. granting loans for land acquisition

C. initiating soil conservation techniques

D. monitoring farm settlement schemes

E. providing security to land ownership

2. The “Operation Feed the Nation” is an example of government agricultural

A. policy

B. programme

C. project

D. regulation

E. scheme

3. The first form of settled agriculture practiced by man is

A. bush fallowing

B. crop rotation

C. mono cropping

D. multiple cropping

E. shifting cultivation

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4. The main purpose of mulching is to

A. decrease the evaporation of moisture from the soil.

B. discourage leaching

C. encourage erosion menace

D. prevent insect pests from attacking plants

E. provide support for the plant.

5. Soil texture affects agricultural production in the following ways EXCEPT that it

A. affects the activities of soil micro organisms.

B. affects the relative proportion of air and water in soil.

C. determines the type of soil in an area

D. determines the level of soil fertility

E. determines the type of crops to be grown.

6. The relative amount of sand, silt and clay in a soil sample is referred to as soil

A. consistence

B. plasticity

C. profile

D. structure

E. texture

7. The amount of water held in the soil after excess water has drained away is termed

A. field capacity

B. gravitational

C. hydroscopic

D. hygroscopic

E. surface tension

8. 80cm of water was poured through a funnel containing a soil sample. At the end of 1hour 60cm³ of water drained out. What is the percentage of water retained in the soil?

A. 20

B. 25

C. 30

D. 35

E. 40

9. The upward movement of water in the soil is termed

A. capillarity

B. gravitational

C. hygroscopic

D. percolation

E. porosity

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10. Which of the following is NOT a reason for embarking on irrigation practice?

A. Encouraging disease build up

B. Encouraging the survival of crops during drought

C. Increasing crop yield

D. Making early planting possible

E. Providing moisture for plants’ growth

11. Guano is an organic manure obtained from

A. cattle

B. goat

C. poultry

D. rabbit

E. sheep

12. Edaphic factors which affect agricultural production include the following EXCEPT soil

A. moisture.

B. pH

C. structure

D. temperature

E. texture

13. Rocks are classified based on

A. Age

B. mineral component

C. mode of formation

D. structure

E. texture

14. The application of heat and pressure change coal to

Α. gneiss

B. graphite

C. marble

D. quartzite

E. schist

15. A plant which shows complete yellowness of leaves is deficient in

A. calcium

B. magnesium

C. nitrogen.

D. phosphorus.

E. potassium.

16. The introduction of ____________power brought about a sizeable reduction in the work-hour requirements in the farm.

A. animal

B. electricity

C. human

D. mechanical

E. Solar

17. Which of the following is NOT considered during farmstead planning?

A. Accessibility

B. Marketability

C. Orientation

D. Soil type

E. Topography

18. The main source of power on subsistence farms is

A. bullock.

B. electricity.

C. man.

D. tractor.

E. windmill.

19. Combine harvester is usually used for harvesting

A. groundnut.

B. pepper.

C. rice.

D. rubber.

E. tomatoes.

20. Cowpea mosaic disease is caused by

A. bacteria

B. fungi

C. nematode

D. protozoa

E. virus

21. Which of these crops can be propagated by grafting?

A. Cassava

B. Cowpea

C. Okra

D. Orange

E. Plantain

22. Which of the following is NOT a pest of maize?

A. Army worm

B. Bird

C. Millipede

D. Rat

E. Stem borer

23. Formation of irregular galls on roots is a characteristic symptom of a disease caused by

A. bacterium

B. fungus

C. nematode

D. protozoa

E. virus

24. Which of the following is NOT a beneficial effect of weed control?

A. Elimination of alternate host of pest and diseases

B. Increase in evapotranspiration

C. Increase in yield of crops

D. Reduction of crop products contamination

E. Removal of overcrowding of crops

25. The study of forest trees and other related trees is known as

A. agriculture

B. floriculture

C. horticulture

D. olericulture

E. silviculture

26. The practice of supporting crop plant with sticks so as to expose their leaves to the sun is referred to as

A. mulching

B. pruning

C. staking

D. supplying

E. thinning

27. Citrus is harvested with a

A. digger.

B. go-to-hell

C. pole

D. shovel

E. sickle

28. The temperature range for the production of maize is

A. 10-15°C.

B. 15-20°C.

C. 20-25°C.

D. 25 -30°C.

E. 30-35°C.

29. The following are necessary conditions for choosing a vegetable site EXCEPT

A. accessibility to buyers

B. fertility of the soil

C. infestation with weeds

D. nearness to water supply.

E. water logged-free soil.

30. Which of these crops does NOT need nursery operation?

A. Citrus

B. Cocoa

C. Cotton

D. Rubber

E. Tomato

31.  Which of these crops can be propagated by cutting?

A. Cauliflower

B. Jute

C. Pepper

D. Potato

E. Rubber

32. Which of the following is a perennial crop?

A. Banana

B. Cassava

C. Citrus

D. Cotton

E. Ginger

33. The sequence of processing cotton is

A. bailing-ginning-grading-drying-crushing

B. bailing-ginning-grading-crushing-drying

C. drying-ginning-grading-bailing-crushing

D. ginning-drying-grading-bailing-crushing

E. ginning-grading-drying-bailing-crushing

34. Which of the following is NOT used for identification purpose in livestock management?

A. Branding

B. Notching

C. Shearing

D. Tagging

E. Tattooing

35. The anti-sterility vitamin in livestock nutrition is vitamin

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

E. K

36. The oestrous cycle of a doe is __________days.

A. 14-28

B. 17-21

C. 20-21

D. 20-28

E. 28-30

37. The disease caused by feeding disorder in animal is called

A. agglutination

B. bloat

C. cancer

C. dysentary

E. enteritis

38. Which of the following breeds of cattle is found predominantly in Northern Nigeria?

A. Keteku

B. Kuri

C. Muturu

D. N’dama

E. White Fulani

39. An animal which continues to make undue noise and climbs other animals is showing signs of

A. heat

B. ill-health

C. lactation

D. ovulation

E. Parturition

40. The site of milk synthesis and milk secretion in farm animal is called

A. alveolus

B. gland cistern

C. small duct

D. streak canal

E. teat cistern

41. Pasteurization of milk involves the use of

A. cold

B. disinfectant.

C. electricity.

D. heat.

E. sunshine.

42. Lactation can be stimulated in female animal by a decrease in the level of _____________hormone.

A. lutenizing

B. oestrogen

C. oxytocin

D. progesterone

E. relaxin

43. Which of the following farm animals requires the use of wallows in their pens?

A. Cattle

B. Goat

C. Pig

D. Rabbit

E. Sheep

44. Which of the following factors will NOT be considered in determining the type of ration fed to an animal?

A. Age of the animal

B. Availability of feed stuff

C. Physiological state of the animal

D. Purpose for which animal is kept

E. Size of the animal

45. Which of the following is NOT a condition necessary for siting a fish pond?

A.  Adequate water supply

B. Availability of fast growing fingerlings

C. Nearness to the market

D. Relative humidity of the area

E. Topography of the area

46. Fry refers to the young of

A. duck

B. fish

C. rabbit

D. sheep

E. turkey

47. The gestation period of a rabbit is ________days.

A. 27

B. 30

C. 113

D. 147

E. 283

48. Fowl is a monogastric animal because it

A. digests fibres and cellulose.

B. does not chew-the-cud at all.

C. has a four stomach compartments.

D. regurgitates digestible feed always.

E. utilizes non-protein nitrogen substances.

49. Which of these diseases is caused by virus?

A. Anthrax

B. Aspergilosis

C. Brucellosis

D. Rinder pest


50. Which of the following is NOT a component of balanced diet in livestock management?

A. Carbohydrate

B. Fat and oil

C. Protein

D. Sucrose

E. Vitamin

51. Which of the following is an enzyme that converts fats and oil to fatty acids and glycerol?

A. Erepsin

B. Lactose

C. Lipase

D. Maltose

E. Sucrose

52. Which of the following is NOT an economic importance of liver fluke? It

A. causes abdominal pains

B. causes bilharzia

C. causes liver rot

D. leads to loss of blood

E. obstructs the bile ducts

53. Which of the following is a pasture legume?

A. Andropogon gayanus

B. Cynodon dactylon

C. Imperata cylindrical

D. Panicum maximum

E. Stylosanthes gracitis

54. The following are fixed assets EXCEPT

A. cash at hand

B. farm tools

C. land

D. machines

E. vehicle.

55. The record which contains the assets and liability of a farm is


.A. farm diary

B. farm inventory

C. input record.

D. output record

E. production record

56. The annual depreciation of a tractor purchased in year 2000 at the cost of N800,000 and sold off in 2008 at the cost of N400,000

A. 20,000.

B. 30,000.

C. 40,000.

D. 50,000.

E. 60,000

57. Which of the following is NOT a marketing function?

A. Advertisement

B. Finance

C. Packaging

D. Storage

E. Transportation

58. Which of the following is both a visual and spoken form of extension method?

A. Bulletin

B. Magazine

C. Method demonstration

D. Office call

E. Poster

59. The first stage that an individual moves through in terms of adopting improved practice is

A. adoption

B. awareness

C. evaluation

D. interest

E. trial

60. Which of the following is a mass media method in extension?

A. Debate

B. Excursion

C. Lecture

D. Pamphlet

E. Symposium

NECO Agric Objective Answers for 2023

Now that you have seen the expected NECO Agric objective questions for the 2023 examination, follow me as I also show you the correct answers to all the questions you saw earlier.

The table below presents the answers to NECO Agric Objective Questions for 2023.

.1. E11. C21. D31. A41. D51. C
2. B12. A22. C32. D42. C52. E
3. E13. B23. B33. B43. C53. E
4. A14. A24. B34. B44. B54. A
5.A15. B25. C35. C45. D55. B
6. D16. D26. C36. E46. B56. B
7. A17. C27. B37. B47. B57. C
8. A18. C28. E38.  E48. B58. C
9. A19. C29. C39. A49. D59. D
10. A20. E30. D40. B50. D60. D

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NECO Agric Theory Questions for 2023


Answer ONE question from this Section

1.     (a) List SIX provisions of the Land Use Act of 1978.


(b) Mention THREE advantages and THREE disadvantages of Land Use Act.


(c)    (i) Define Land tenure. (2marks)

(ii) List TWO advantages of communal land tenure. (2marks)

2. (a) Enumerate EIGHT problems of agricultural mechanization

in Nigeria. (8marks)

(b) Mention TWO functions each of these farm implement:

(i) ridger. (2marks)

(ii) disc harrow. (2marks)

(iii) combine harvester. (2marks)

(iv) spring-tine cultivator. (2marks)


Answer ONE question from this Section

3. (a) In a tabular form, state FIVE differences between sand and clay soils. (10marks)

(b) List TWO physical properties of soil.


(c) Mention FOUR importance of soil texture in agriculture.

4. (a) Name FOUR materials that can be used to correct soil acidity.

(b)i. List TWO characteristics of metamorphic rock.


ii. Mention FOUR economic importance of rock in agriculture. (4marks)

(c) Explain the following terms:

(i) hygroscopic water. (2marks)

(ii) capillary water. (2marks)

(iii) gravitational water. (2marks)


Answer ONE question from this Section

5.(a) (i) Mention FOUR stages in the processing of cocoa. (4marks)

(ii)List THREE cultural practices carried out in the production of cocoa. (3marks)

(b) Enumerate THREE diseases that affect the production of cowpea. (3marks)

(c) Discuss maize rust disease under the following headings:

(i) Causal organism (1marks)

(ii) Mode of transmission (1marks)

(iii) TWO symptoms (2marks)

(iv) TWO control measures. (2marks)

6.(a) State FOUR effects of diseases on crop production. (4marks)

(b) Discuss the following methods of controlling diseases in crop:

(i) biological control method. (2marks)

(ii) cultural control method. (2marks)

(c) List FOUR side effects of chemical control method of

controlling pest. (4marks)

(d) Explain the following forest management practices:

(i) selective exploration. (2marks)

(ii) forest regulation. (2marks)


Answer ONE question from this Section

(7) (a) Enumerate FIVE ways of maintaining a fish pond. (5marks)

(b) State FIVE importance of fish farming. (5marks)

(c) List SIX factors that could predispose animals to diseases.


(8a) (i) What is a range land? (2marks)

(ii) Mention TWO characteristics of a range land. (2marks)

(iii)Give TWO reasons for the need of a grass-legume mixture in a range land. (2marks)

(b) Describe the process of egg formation in the following parts of the reproductive system of a fowl:

(i) Infundibulum (2marks)

(ii) Magnum (2marks)

(iii) Isthmus (2marks)

(iv) Uterus (2marks)

(c) List TWO minerals needed for the formation of egg shell.



Answer ONE question from this Section

(9a) (i) Define agricultural credit(2marks)

 (ii) State TWO differences between agricultural credit and agricultural subsidy. (2marks)

(iii) Mention FOUR farm inputs commonly subsidized by Government (2marks)

(b) Mention THREE disadvantages of agricultural co-operative societies. (3marks)

(c) List FIVE reasons why farmers find it difficult to obtain bank loans. (5marks)

10. Assuming the farmers in a village were categorized according to their rate of adoption of new ideas as follows:

Innovators: 10

Early adopters: 10

Late adopters: 60

Never adopters: 20

(a (i) Calculate the ratio of late adopters to early adopters (1marks)

(ii) State FIVE reasons for the high number of late adopters. (1marks)

(iii) Mention TWO reasons for the low ratio of early adoptions.


(b) State FOUR contributions of an extension agent to the success of Agriculture in Nigeria. (4marks)

(c) Mention FOUR problems that face the success of extension services in Nigeria. (4marks)

NECO Agric Theory Answers for 2022

Keep refreshing this page as the complete 2022 NECO Agric theory answers will be posted shortly.

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NECO Agric Questions and Answers in PDF

For those of you who would like to download all the NECO Agriculture past questions and answers into you devices, click the download button below;

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Special Instructions to All NECO Agric. Science Candidates


Do NOT open this booklet until you are told to do so. While you are waiting, read the following instructions carefully.

This part will last for 1 hour.

1. Use HB pencil throughout.

2. Complete the top section of your answer sheet as follows:

(a) In the space marked Candidate’s Name, write in capital letters your surnamed followed by your other names.

(b) In the space marked School Name write the name of your school, and in the space

marked subject Name write AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE.

(c) In the box marked Subject Code, write down the digits 7012 in the spaces. There are wojego numbered spaces in line with each digit. Shade carefully the space with the same number as each digit.

(d) In the box marked Examination Number, write down your examination number in the spaces at the top of the box. Shade the corresponding numbered spaces in the same way as for Subject Code.

3. An example is given below. This is for a candidate whose name is ABBAS Tunde Obi, with serial number 0010, examination number 65432100BD, and who is offering Mathematics I (5011).

Tips on How to Pass NECO Agric. Examination

In this section, I will be showing you the things you are expected to do if you want to pass NECO Agric examination. They include the following:

.1. Follow the Syllabus

If you must pass very well in the NECO agric examination, it is very important that you do not take the National Examination Council (NECO) syllabus for agriculture for granted. The syllabus is what is going to guide you as prepare for the examination.

With the syllabus, you will be reading only those topics in agric where NECO examination questions are definitely going to come out from and that will contribute highly to your good performance during the examination.

2. Read Instruction

Any candidate that will be writing NECO agriculture examination and expects to get good score must take any instruction given about the examination very serious.

Important instructions that you must follow are usually given on the front pages of the question paper for every section. Make sure that you do not ignore any of them so that you won’t make any mistake that will cost you your scores.

3. Complete Your Question

As you have started writing your examination, make sure that you do not submit any incompletely answered questions. To get your full total marks, you should answer the required questions and must be able to present the answers the way it is expected from you by the examiners.

Get more tipsHow to Pass your NECO Examination at One Sitting

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the information provided for you in this article. For any other assistance about NECO Agric Questions and Answers for 2023, kindly make use of the comment section below this article.

Do not forget to share this important information with your friends.

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