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MSc In Finance And Insurance | University Of Calabria Admission, Italy

This is to specially notify you that the application for University of Calabria (Italian: Università della Calabria, UNICAL) International Scholarship Awards for the 2023/2024 academic year for International students has started.

In this article, I will be writing about one of the programmes that is available for application at the Master’s Degree level; that is MSc in Finance and Insurance.

Here, you are going to see the requirements for the application and other necessary information about the programme.

In case you are one of those interested applicants, ensure that you do not overlook this article that you are reading right now.

The management of the institution has given the official admission requirements for the Master’s Degree in Finance and Insurance as you are going to see below.

Overview of MSc in Finance and Insurance in the University of Calabria

The brief summary of the Master’s Degree Programme in Finance and Insurance at University of Calabria (UNICAL) for the 2023/2024 academic year are given below.

Duration: 2 years

Start date: October 1, 2023.

Total number of hours (number of ECTS credits): 3000 hours (120 ECTS credits).

Number of Scholarships: 30 slots available (12 Scholarships)

Other Programmes:

Admission Requirements

The scholarship programme in Finance and Insurance at UNICAL is open for all international students but consideration for admission shall be based on the requirements listed below:

Candidates for the MSc in Finance and Insurance in Calabria University should have an adequate knowledge of mathematics, economics and statistics.

A further requirement is a B2 level of English language. The knowledge and skills in the English language shall be tested as indicated in the Course Regulations and no English certificate is required.

In addition to the requirements indicated above, admission to the course is conditional to the assessment of students’ background.


The Master’s Degree Course in Finance and Insurance responds to the need to stimulate the creation of a study context with a clear international vocation, where national students can benefit from the cultural exchanges with foreign students, who are the witnesses and promoters of different educational experiences.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

One of the objectives of the Master’s Degree Course in Finance and Insurance is to ensure the developments of skills required for the management of complex financial products and to work as an actuary.

Specific objectives include:

  • To learn about the analytical and quantitative tools to deal with financial transactions characterized by investment risk;
  • To possess the necessary skills to design and manage complex insurance products, both in the public and the private sector;
  • To become familiar with the tools to analyze financial and insurance markets as well as with the legal knowledge for regulatory and market control purposes.

To achieve the above objectives, in addition to the courses planned in the degree program, students may choose to attend other activities, or laboratories in financial and actuarial sciences and to train in public and private institutions, professional firms, in Italy and abroad.

Main Topics

  • Financial Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Quantitative Methods for Finance and Insurance
  • Financial Economics

Employability and Careers

Graduates in Finance and Insurance will have expertise to hold high level positions within financial and insurance private institutions, market control authorities, social security institutions, or work as consultants for the evaluation and management of financial and insurance instruments, and for assessing the overall management activities of financial and insurance intermediaries.

The degree in Finance and Insurance grants access to management positions in insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, consulting firms, public and private pension institutions, and managing authorities of financial and insurance markets.

Graduates in Finance and Insurance will have the possibility to take the qualification examination for the actuarial profession.


  • Financial Markets
  • Insurance
  • Business & Management
  • Banking
  • Financial Economics
  • Econometrics

Go to University Of Calabria (Italian: Università Della Calabria, UNICAL) International Scholarship Awards for more information about the application processes and other related information.

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